Success Story

Rodrigo Araujo de Medeiros: Developing pipeline reliability

Globalink Research Internship | Success Story
23 Jul, 2014
Globalink intern finds methods to optimize oil and gas pipeline safety

Rodrigo Araujo de Medeiros has a passion for business. He wants to help manufacturers and builders to make their processes more efficient, more reliable and safer for the community. It’s this enthusiasm that prompted Rodrigo to apply to a Mitacs Globalink Research Internship to conduct oil and gas pipeline safety research this summer under Dr. Sharareh Taghipour at Ryerson University’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Adyasha Dash: Research dreams take flight

Globalink Research Internship | Success Story
18 Jul, 2014
Globalink intern develops a specialized drone for search and rescue operations

Having grown up watching father fly planes in the Indian Air Force, it’s no surprise that Adyasha Dash dreams of developing the next generation of military air planes and unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technology. Her studies at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy gave her the foundation she needed for her research to take flight this summer at the University of Calgary with Dr. Alex Ramirez-Serrano through Mitacs Globalink Research Internships.

Adyasha Dash Mitacs Globalink

Meet Hamza Khan: Returning to Canada to Find Cures for Disease

Globalink Graduate Fellowship | Success Story
02 Jul, 2014
Former Globalink Research Intern dreams of curing disease through his graduate research

Home Institution/Country:
Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Globalink Research Internship Supervisor
Dr. Steven Zimmerly, Professor of Biological Sciences

Globalink Research Internship Host University in summer 2013
University of Calgary, Department of Biological Sciences

Taking Construction to New Heights

Accelerate | Success Story
13 Jun, 2014
Migara Liyanage from Memorial University helps ND Dobbin develop a 3D-laser scanning system that will revolutionize construction planning

Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Migara Liyanage put his robotics expertise to work developing a 3D-laser scanning system for construction projects with ND Dobbin, an architecture and construction firm. Laser scanning systems of this type typically cost upwards of $150,000 but Migara’s solution could save the firm countless hours and thousands of dollars preventing errors that can come up as a result of conventional site surveying methods.

Roberta Cauchi Santoro: Linking to London’s Storied Past

Accelerate | Success Story
27 May, 2014
University of Guelph postdoctoral fellow Roberta Cauchi Santoro’s work mapping the stories of London’s history fosters informed decision making for economic planning

Roberta Cauchi Santoro, a comparative literature postdoctoral fellow, turned a curiosity about her city into a collaboration with the City of London that is contributing to informed decision making about economic planning. Roberta’s project collecting the oral histories of 31 historic buildings in downtown London has helped to deepen the understandings of key cultural resources, and brought an important cultural mapping piece to the City’s Culture Office.

Refining innovative technologies

Accelerate | Success Story
01 May, 2014
Iban Harlouchet from Université de Montréal helps optimize a unique odour monitoring device

Industrial emissions are a major cause of air pollution around the world. To mitigate this, most businesses install sensors in their plants to detect any gas leakage. Odotech, a Quebec based company, manufactures and commercializes patented electronic noses (e-noses) to measure and monitor odors at waste management plants, composting sites and industrial odor-producing plants. The company faced the challenge of lacking the necessary expertise to efficiently upgrade its product’s performance for different odor sources in various environments.

Beating oral cancer with Mitacs research

Accelerate | Success Story
01 May, 2014
ProteoCyte Diagnostics Inc. commercializes a new test to help detect oral cancer with the help of Akram Alyass from McMaster University

Early stage oral cancer has very few symptoms and so it often goes undiagnosed, until it advances to stages that are difficult to treat.  The mortality rate is 50% within five years and even when successfully treated by surgery, surviving patients are often left severely disfigured with compromised speech and eating capabilities.

Improving high speed signals of data transmission hardware

Elevate | Success Story
10 Apr, 2014
Haleh Vahedi partnered with Snowbush-Semtech IP, and landed a full time job

As demand for faster data transmission rates places pressure on existing computer hardware, companies like Snowbush-Semtech IP are keen to ensure that every dollar spent on developing new products will have a return on investment. After investing in a two-year postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Haleh Vahedi through Mitacs Elevate, the company saw such tremendous value in her work that they decided to hire her full-time.

Increasing prostate cancer survival rates

Accelerate | Success Story
10 Apr, 2014
Mitacs Accelerate intern helps develop new screening tool for prostate cancer

Each year, more than 26,000 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  However, the chances of survival are good – especially if it is detected during its early stages.

Once prostate cancer is diagnosed, a series of biopsies has to be done to determine how serious the case is.  These can be invasive and painful for the patient and may not give an accurate prognosis.

Pursuing a Master’s degree through Mitacs Globalink

Globalink Graduate Fellowship | Success Story
24 Mar, 2014
Globalink Research Intern returns to the University of Toronto for graduate studies

When Wanyao Zhao came to Canada in the summer of 2012 he had one thing on his mind – the type of research he’d be doing as a Globalink Research Intern at the University of Toronto. What he didn’t expect was to be so warmly embraced by the people of at the University, not to mention those in the city’s Chinatown where he stayed for 12 weeks during his internship. After completing his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Wanyao knew he had to return to Canada.

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