How to apply

The Mitacs Elevate call for applications (due November 19, 2013) is now closed.

Results of the competition will be announced by January 27, 2014 and successful applicants have until February 20, 2014 to accept the award. Projects must start no later than July 1, 2014.

The next call for applications is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2014. Please continue visiting our website for further details. For any general questions about the Elevate program, please contact us at

Guidelines: Recommendation from former/current supervisors

A former or current supervisor of the proposed fellow who is providing a letter of recommendation may want to consider discussing the following points:

  • When did you supervise the proposed fellow, and how many other students have you supervised at the same level?
  • Relative to the other students you have supervised at the same level, how productive was the proposed fellow while under your supervision (e.g. publications, patents, etc.)?
  • If possible, please comment on the productivity of the proposed fellow, relative to other researchers you have known at the same career stage.
  • Are there any outstanding achievements (e.g. high-impact research results, awards, etc.) by the proposed fellow that you would like to further comment on?

Guidelines: Recommendation from companies

A current or potential industrial contributor who is providing a letter of recommendation may want to consider discussing the following points:

  • To what extent have you interacted with the applicant and/or the proposed academic supervisor in the past?
  • Based on the proposed research project and on the previous interactions you had with the applicant, how do you foresee that the applicant’s work might benefit your company?
  • If you are not already collaborating with the applicant, how do you envision your role in an eventual partnership? For example, you may describe the expected level of implication of your enterprise in terms of project design, in-kind contributions and access to facilities;
  • If applicable, please describe the location/site that the applicant will be working at, and how much time you expect the applicant to work directly with your company (i.e. 25% of the time, 1 day a week etc.);
  • Please indicate your willingness to fund the applicant for the duration of the fellowship and in what amount. If you are unable to support the fellow for the entire two years, an explanation would be helpful.

If references would like to send their letters confidentially, they may email them to elevatereferences(at) All letters must be received at Mitacs by the due date.

All applicants will receive a confirmation email from Mitacs when a complete application has been received. When you have all the necessary documents ready, please submit them by email to elevate(at)

Latest elevate News

Improving high speed signals of data transmission hardware
10 April 2014
As demand for faster data transmission rates places pressure on existing computer hardware, companies like Snowbush-Semtech IP are keen to ensure that every dollar spent on developing new products...

The Mitacs Elevate program is unique because it encourages postdoctoral fellows to refine their research skills while also gaining experience connecting with professionals outside of academia. I have been able to further develop my communication and project management abilities through the various workshops offered through Elevate and have had a chance to use these skills to plan conferences and symposiums. As a result of participating in Elevate, I am more prepared for a wider variety of professional positions. 

Reihane Marzoughi, Elevate PDF, University of Toronto

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Canada’s premiere research internship program providing interns with the opportunity to transfer their skills from theory to real-world application, while companies gain a competitive advantage by accessing high-quality research expertise.

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Provides a foundation of cutting-edge research, business, entrepreneurship and scientific management skills to newly-minted PhDs while giving companies access to a highly qualified uniquely trained pool of talent.

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Mitacs Globalink builds a living bridge between Canada and international partners by establishing and reinforcing global links through student mobility.


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Enterprise is a comprehensive, career-development program that gives graduates of science, technology, engineering and math the opportunity to build their business skills through an intense program of mentorship and work experience with small and medium-sized companies.

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Canada’s only comprehensive program providing business-ready skills to up-and-coming researchers. Step trains graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in essential interpersonal, project management and entrepreneurial skills required for them to succeed in their future career.

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Making science and mathematics compelling for future researchers – our children – through initiatives such as the nationally-recognized theatrical production, Math Out Loud, and online quiz game, MathAmaze.