Comparative analysis of merger control mechanisms in Canadian and Mexican competition law

This research project conducts a comparative analysis of the provisions of Canadian and Mexican competition laws that deal with the control of mergers and acquisitions. Usually, merger control mechanisms require that a proposed transaction whose value exceeds a certain threshold be notified to the competition authorities of the country where the transaction is to take place. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions between Canadian and Mexican firms may have to be notified to both the Canadian Competition Bureau and the Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission.

An examination of the determinants of certification and licensure examination methods in Canada

In Canada, the majority of the regulated occupations in Canada are controlled by provincial and territorial law and are governed by professional bodies with the authority to set entry requirements and standards of practice and to issue licenses and/or certificates of practice to qualified skilled labour (CICIC, 2006). There is an increasing demand for professionalism generates concerns on accreditation and occupational requirement. To respond to this industry trend, the current research project will examine how different regulatory agencies in Canada examine their potential members.

Exploration of Innovative Digital Consumer Research and Marketing Strategies

This project will analyze the current digital marketing strategy for an online jewelry seller. With this, a better understanding of the current competitive environment of online jewelry retailing will be developed, different customer profiles will be identified, and shopping behaviors will be identified. Finally, the research will examine the impact of online shopping experience on jewelry shopping
behavior. Based on the findings, new digital marketing and branding strategies will be recommended.

Augmented Reality (AR) Toys Computing Management

A toy is a product that is intended for use by a child in learning or play. The toy industry is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dolls, toys and games. Referring to the Toy Industry Association in the United States, the sales volume of toys worldwide was $78.1B in 2007, growing by 7% over five years to reach $84.1B in 2012. The world’s leading toy manufacturers include Hasbro, Mattel, JAKKS Pacific, LEGO and Namco Bandai, and their combined revenue amounted to approximately $20B in 2011.

Green supply chain management practices in small and medium-sized enterprises

Green Value Chain Management (GVCM) parading is a way to change the supply chain into a value loop for saving environmental resources and assuring a business’s long-term prospects. Nowadays this phenomenon is attracting worldwide attention, particularly in large companies. Unfortunately, much evidence suggests that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are still struggling to implement GVCM practices and obtain the expected gains. This seems to be the reality in Canada and particularly in Quebec.

Contagion and contagions in financial markets: the application of network analysis in finance

The 2008 financial crisis highlighted the connectedness of financial institutions around the world. This networking can have important consequences, both positive and negative, for global and national financial systems.

Variation in Hospital Resource Use: Systemic Predictors and Implications on Quality and Value

Research Project Vision: To promote attention to quality, appropriateness and accountability in hospital resource use.
This vision is underpinned by the following four strategies:
1. Establish resource use variation reports specific to departments and individual providers.
2. Associate resource use with quality outcomes that measure accessible, effective, safe, efficient and appropriate care.

Insight from the top 2 000 mobile games found in the Apple store

The organization partner is currently allocating video advertisement inside mobile applications. The mobile applications that publish the video advertisement are designated as publisher. To allocate the video advertisement inside the right mobile application, the potential publishers are manually searched in the Apple App store. This search process is a bottleneck. It also involves a lot of manual work and room for error. The intern will use technologies in order to gather information on the top 2 000 mobile applications in the Apple App store.

Determining Optimal Strategies to operate Not-For Profit Health Organizations

The goal of this project is to devise a strategy for improving the operations of Canadians for Health Research (CHR) to achieve long-term prosperity. CHR is a non-profit organization (NPO) and its mission is to provide Canadians with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of health research so that they may develop an informed perspective on a very complicated social issue. This extremely challenging task has major impacts upon its success or failure because public opinion votes to change government policies that shape the economics of our society.

Top Executive Emotions and Strategic Change Initiation in Philanthropic Organizations

This study investigates how strategic changes are initiated in organizations. Using longitudinal real-time qualitative research, it explores how top executives and other actors’ emotions and feelings are managed in order to achieve desirable outcomes of strategic change. The process of strategy initiation in two major Canadian philanthropic organizations is followed in detail, with the aim of generating a robust theoretical explanation. It also aims to draw attention to implications for the practice of strategic management.