• Creating research pathways in Canada

    Blog | 03/15/2014

    Attracting, training and retaining the best researchers are key goals of Mitacs. In this video blog, CEO Arvind Gupta discusses how two of our programs are... more

  • Should you patent your idea?

    Blog | 03/12/2014

    Thomas Edison was one of the most prolific inventors in history. He’s widely recognized for inventing the light bulb, but contrary to popular belief he... more

  • More thoughts on innovation in Canada

    Blog | 03/05/2014

    We recently posted a three part video series from iPolitics looking at innovation in Canada, and how we can become a nation that innovates.  Rob Annan... more

  • How can Canada become a nation that innovates?

    Blog | 02/20/2014

    What can Canadian industry and governments do to improve innovation in Canada? In this three-part video series by iPolitics, Rob Annan, Mitacs VP of... more

  • How innovative is Canada?

    Blog | 02/19/2014

    How does Canada rank against other countries in the innovation stakes? In this three-part video series by iPolitics, Rob Annan, Mitacs VP of Research and... more

  • Why is innovation so important for Canada?

    Blog | 02/18/2014

    It is a question iPolitics recently posed to experts on its Hot Topics Panel for discussion. In this three-part video series, Rob Annan, Mitacs VP of... more





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