• Should you keep your innovation a trade secret?

    Blog | 04/17/2014

    Why is it that Apple has a patent to legally protect its iPhone design, yet the secret recipe for Coca Cola is a trade secret? What is the difference between... more

  • Avoid a patent headache with a simple search

    Blog | 03/27/2014

    So you’ve come up with an invention or design that is worth patenting. It may not be as novel as Thomas Edison’s domestic light bulb or motion picture camera,... more

  • Creating research pathways in Canada

    Blog | 03/15/2014

    Attracting, training and retaining the best researchers are key goals of Mitacs. In this video blog, CEO Arvind Gupta discusses how two of our programs are... more

  • Should you patent your idea?

    Blog | 03/12/2014

    Thomas Edison was one of the most prolific inventors in history. He’s widely recognized for inventing the light bulb, but contrary to popular belief he... more

  • More thoughts on innovation in Canada

    Blog | 03/05/2014

    We recently posted a three part video series from iPolitics looking at innovation in Canada, and how we can become a nation that innovates.  Rob Annan... more

  • How can Canada become a nation that innovates?

    Blog | 02/20/2014

    What can Canadian industry and governments do to improve innovation in Canada? In this three-part video series by iPolitics, Rob Annan, Mitacs VP of... more





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