PDF - Researcher in Residence - AB-031

Preferred Disciplines: Any discipline (Post-Doc prefereably, open to PhD as well)
Project length: Flexible. Support also possible via Mitacs Elevate
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: Calgary, AB or Okotoks, AB
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: None
Company: The Brenda Strafford Foundation 

About Company:

Established in 1975, The Brenda Strafford Foundation has a proud history of serving seniors and those in need. We are committed to innovation, leadership and compassion and we inspire hope and happiness in all we serve. From innovation in seniors care, to championing research and education, to providing housing and support for women and families fleeing domestic abuse and families at risk of homelessness, to healthcare in the West Indies.

Through our core business and charitable projects we:

  • Deliver exceptional care for seniors in our Manors in Calgary and Okotoks
  • Invest in research on aging at the University of Calgary
  • Invest in research on the prevention of domestic violence at the University of Calgary
  • Provide second-stage shelter and support at The Brenda Strafford Centre for women and children who have fled domestic violence
  • Provide transitional housing and programs at Brenda's House for families at risk of homelessness in partnership with the Children's Cottage
  • Provide a home for non-criminally responsible mental health clients at Gateway Place operated by Alberta Health Services
  • Provide health care services to those living in Haiti, Jamaica and Dominica

Project Description:

In order to promote knowledge creation and mobilization, we propose embedding a researcher in residence model within our facilities. The researcher in residence model will emphasize a co-creation of knowledge between researchers, staff, residents and families within facilites.

The Researcher-in-Residence Model aims to:

  • Promote collaboration and active participation from all stakeholders
  • Co-create new knowledge and learning to improve care we deliver to our residents
  • Encourage knowledge translation process through collaboratively identifying areas for improvement and/or working with front line clinicians on current quality improvement initiatives being undertaken within The Brenda Strafford Foundation
  • Integrate a researcher with expert knowledge within care teams
  • Build research capacity and supports in the Organization
  • Provide a portal where practitioners and academics can share knowledge with one another

We would like to have the researcher in residence conduct research related to one of our main priority research areas in the area of seniors care, but are open to exploring other areas.

  • Enhance Dementia Care
  • Optimize Technology, Design and Service Systems
  • Transitions in Care for Older Adults
  • Social Engagement
  • Falls Research
  • Resident (Person) and Family Centered Care


  • For clinicians, having a researcher-in residence model will allow us to have access to a knowledge broker to help interpret and apply relevant research and evidence. Researchers could bring expertise in helping interpret evidence based, have expertise in theories of change, using data and evaluation.
  • For academics, it allows the opportunity to directly work with end-users increasing relevance and impact of their research. Clinicians bring local expertise and knowledge of daily practice.

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Specific Research objectives for the research project to be defined during application drafting
  • Objectives for the researcher in residence model are listed above


  • To be determined

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Experience in seniors health, although not mandatory
  • Demonstrated experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods and evaluation research
  • Experience in leading and participating in collaborative research partnerships and knowledge transfer activities
  • A record of successful grant applications and publications
  • Proven communication skills both written and verbal
  • Experience in the design and implementation of knowledge transfer and trasition activities
  • Expertise in a broad range of research methods, as well as excellent writing skills, including research proposals, long and brief reports, peer reviewed articles


For more info or to apply to this applied research position, please

  1. Check your eligibility and find more information about open projects.
  2. Interested students need to get the approval from their supervisor and send their CV along with a link to their supervisor’s university webpage by applying through the webform or directly to Oba Harding at, oharding(a)mitacs.ca.