Pricing structure for online content creation by influencers - QC-116

Preferred Disciplines: Actuary and Mathematics master & Computer Science bachelor
Company: Society Inc
Project Length: Flexible
Desired start date: August 2017
Location: 438 Saint Pierre, Suite 305, Montreal, Quebec
No. of Positions: Up to 4
Preferences: Preference toward applicants from HEC, ETS, U de M, McGill & Concordia University

About Company:

Stellar, a division of Startl.SOCIAL, aims to democratize market intelligence to empower brands to explore international opportunities and ultimately grow their businesses through a membership-based web platform leveraging the power of connectivity between products, influencers, ambassadors and retailers.

Project Description:

The problem we are looking to solve with your help, if you are interested, is this one - as of now - no pricing formula has ever been established to determine how much an influencer should charge for the content they create. 

We are gathering a wonderful team composed of data scientists, web developers, and designers to help us make this happen. We really need people who understands the dynamics of numbers, probability and key decision-making to make that formula a reality.

Background and required skills


Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Research with at least 1000 influencers
  • Develop pricing algorithm
  • Complete wireframing & design for Alpha Version
  • Implement first data sets and testing


  • Evaluating the data sources available and constraints necessary for equations
  • Designing the database infrastructure to host the pricing feature
  • Building the algorithm and introduce first data sets for testing

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Market research and international trade
  • Knowledge of dynamics of numbers & architecture necessary to measure across multiple criteria build data match-making capabilities


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