Real time streaming predictive analytics - ON-081

Preferred Disciplines: Software/Computer engineering and Computer Science : Master, PhD and Post-Doc.
Company: Predikat Inc.
Project Length: 8-18 months
Desired start date: Summer 2017
Location: Kitchener or Ottawa /ON
No. of Positions: 3-4
Preferences: UBC, Ontario based Universities, McGill University. Language preference: English

About the Company: 

Predikat is an Ontario based high tech venture focused on real time predictive analytics for network resource optimization.

Project Description:

The company is searching for experts in analysis of streaming data coming from connected devices (IoT) and distributed computing/analytics (Edge). The research will be focused on the above given expertise.

The project can be divided up to 3 objectives :

  • Engineering and deployment of distributed computing which includes :
    • Exploring and deploying streaming platforms
    • Distributing analytics capabilities across 3 main points: the device, IoT gateways and the Cloud
  • Curation and preparation of the streaming data for the distributed analysis
  • Developing and enhancing scalable and adaptive machine learning and anomaly detection algorithms to perform analysis on streaming data

Research Objectives:

  • Automating some of data preparation tasks, that includes streaming and latent data
  • Exploring how to automate decision making on data collected from the device before it travels to the Cloud
  • Transforming many data streams into few
  • Creating additional data features to enrich current data sets
  • Exploring and deploying distributed analytics (Edge) on the connected device, IoT gateways and the cloud
  • Exploring and running variations of adaptive machine learning algorithms and scaling them up (parallelization)


  • To be defined

Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Machine learning
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Distributed computing and architectures
    • Apache Spark, Flink, Storm
    • Unstructured data mining

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