Use of Low-cost Non-invasive Sensors to Measure Physiological State for Patient Management - BC-374

Preferred Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Statistics; Master’s/PhD level
Project length:  8-12 months (2 units)
Desired start date: As soon as possible 
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences:  UBC, SFU (to leverage existing academic relationships) – but open non-BC candidates. Language : English
Company: NA


About Company:

The company is an early stage startup with mobile digital health products already in the marketplace, established research track record, and clinical partnerships.

Project Description:

Clinical data recently gathered to study the efficacy of a paediatric patient assessment and management technology, and additional data expected to be gathered during the term of the intern, needs to be analyzed, statistically reduced, and compiled for reporting.  Preparation and support for further data gathering may be included.  Intern will work with research investigator to extract study data, perform analysis, prepare for publication, and determine changes needed to future studies.  Intern will work with PHA to determine key product requirements for commercialization of the technology.

Intern will also support performance testing of the core technology on simulators and against existing labeled data in public and private subject databases.  Data will be analyzed and reported upon.  Intern will work with electrical engineering, biomedical and psychology researchers and partners with PHA in clinical environments at BC Children’s Hospital.  Data gathering and reduction, and statistical analysis, are required.

The technology relates to the use of pulse oximetry sensors, signal processing and analysis to assess the physiological conditions of a neonatal or paediatric patient, specifically respiration.  Primary objectives of PHA are to close the gap to commercialization through laboratory testing and clinical studies.

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Determine degree of validation from existing study data on paediatric subjects
  • Refine protocols for future studies
  • Define requirements for future product commercialization
  • Generate performance measures of technology from simulation and labelled data



  • In-clinical use of technology by subjects under ethics
  • Laboratory testing of hardware/software against simulators and labelled data


Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Familiarity with statistical methods and/or tools, optimally relating to bio-informatics
  • Experience with Matlab/Octave, shell scripting, R or S, MS Office beneficial
  • Clinical study experience beneficial
  • Background in any of psychology, phsyiology, pulmonary health and diseases,  signal processing, bioinformatics, biomedical engineering 


For more info or to apply to this applied research position, please

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  2. Interested students need to get the approval from their supervisor and send their CV along with a link to their supervisor’s university webpage by applying through the webform or directly to Andrea Globa : agloba(a)