Wireless Earphones - BC-326

Preferred Disciplines: Electronics Engineering, mechanical engineering, Mechatronics Engineering
Project length: TBD
Desired start date: March 2017
Location: Langley, British Columbia
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: UBC, Simon Fraser or UVic
Company: N/A

About Company:

A BC custom earmold laboratory specializing in industrial hearing protection and musicians in-ear monitors.  Some of our other services include Occupational Noise Surveys (conducting real-time frequency spectral analysis and dosimetry) and industrial audiometric testing.

Project Description:

We require an electrical engineering specialist to focus primarily on the development of our wireless communication “Hearable” device as well as a programmer who has experience in app design and function.  We will utilize our current production facility to improve upon our product line with a new wireless module to be inserted/embedded into our custom-fit earmolds thus creating a truly wireless and personalized communication earphone system.  These wireless in-ear earphones will be paired with an intuitive app program that allows user controls, audio streaming, and biometrics monitoring via sensors (EEG, oxygen, heart rate), PSAD (Personal Sound Amplification Device), hearing protection, and ambient noise selection or noise cancellation.  Research to be performed will pertain to finding suitable electronic components, 3D printing technology, prototype design, application correspondence, and biometric sensor case study testing.

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Electronics & PCB Integration
  • Battery Cell optimization
  • Wireless Communication potentiel usage
    • Bluetooth functionality using CSR chipsets
    • NFMI – Near Field Magnetic Induction
  • Module and Prototype Design
  • Phone App Creation and Integration


  • Quantitative Research and Correlation Analysis – Possible analysis of the impact of audio stimulus (music) and biometric markers such as heart rate, adrenaline, brain function, and breathing.
  • Meta-Analysis

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Electronics and audio engineers
  • Wireless Communication
  • CAD design and application creation

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