Innovation through human capital collaboration

Mitacs supports national innovation by coordinating collaborative industry-university research projects with human capital development at their core. Since 1999, Mitacs has been promoting academic-industrial R&D while supporting the development of future innovation leaders. Mitacs has developed a proactive and successful approach to supporting innovation, both directly through collaborative R&D and indirectly through long-term development of skilled human capital.

In particular, Mitacs:

  • Helps companies identify their innovation needs and matches them with academic expertise;
  • Fosters cutting edge research tied to commercial outcomes;
  • Builds international research networks, creating innovation leaders in Canada and abroad; and,
  • Provides professional and entrepreneurship skills training for graduate students, so they have the tools to meet emerging innovation needs.


The Mitacs Human Capital Strategy

The Mitacs strategy is designed to address all facets of human capital development:

  • Recruitment:  Increase students in innovation-supporting academic programs;
  • Networking:  Create global innovation knowledge networks with Canada a key player;
  • Development:  Complement academic training to include professional and business skills, internships, and other strategies; and
  • Deployment:  Ensure avenues for graduates to apply their skills in the economy.


Mitacs Programs

Mitacs comprehensive suite of programs includes:

  • Mitacs Accelerate, graduate-student led industrial R&D internships as a platform for technology transfer and commercialization;
  • Mitacs Globalink, summer research internships for top international students in Canada builds global R&D networks; and
  • Mitacs Elevate, industrial R&D management training program for post-doctoral fellows through class-room instruction and on-site learning.

Mitacs: an innovation nexus

  • Independent innovation-focused not-for-profit
  • Founded in 1999 as a Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence
  • Supported by numerous federal agencies and departments, provincial and foreign governments.
  • 2,000 faculty, 3,500 graduate students at 57 Canadian research universities
  • 37 additional Canadian research organizations
  • 1,500 Canadian companies representing all regions and sectors
  • 2,000 academic-industry projects annually
  • 6,000 Accelerate internships
  • 800 Globalink students from India, Brazil, China and Mexico
  • 250 Elevate fellows
  • $52 million industrial investment in R&D to date
  • 7,200 graduate students received professional  skills training
  • 5,000 industrial and academic leaders attended 200 innovation networking events
  • 2,000 academic research papers published