Green sustainable telco cloud

Bringing cloud computing from the Internet domain to Next Generation Networks (NGN) in order to provide Telco cloud services will leverage the use of NGN, reduce costs and create many value-added services. It is therefore becoming critical for world-class carriers, like Bell and Telus, to adopt a cloudbased communications model. However, unlike public Internet clouds, a Telco cloud has specific requirements, such as performance, scalability, security and isolation.

Project Portfolios in Dynamic Environments: Organizing for Uncertainty

This doctoral research will study the mechanisms put in place by organizations facing very dynamic environments to manage projectportfolios when the uncertainty level is high. The theoretical basis will include the literature on Project Portfolio Management,Organization Theory (Weick’s Sensemaking) and Strategy Theory (Dynamic Capabilities). The unit of analysis will be the processes put in place for sensing uncertainty, seizing opportunities and transforming the organization.