Mitacs Step workshops are open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows across Canada. All Mitacs Step workshop facilitators are vetted for quality, deliver interactive sessions and are experts in their field.

Workshops are offered in the following key areas:

Basics of the Business Environment

Developed as an overview of the business world, these workshops provide participants with advice, resources, and skills to successfully interact in the ever-changing business environment throughout the duration of their Mitacs internships, academic experience, personal lives, and careers.



These workshops apply the foundation of effective communication to the development of stronger working relationships.


Basics of Entrepreneurial Thinking

An introduction to the components of entrepreneurial thinking, this series of workshops is aimed at fostering entrepreneurial concepts, knowledge, and the necessary tools to make the first steps at starting your own enterprise or building your entrepreneurial capacity in the lab or work place. The two components of this curriculum will build on the existing skills of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and leverage the strength of local business communities.

Project Management

Through these workshops, participants will gain new skills in managing both large and small-scale projects, setting realistic goals and milestones, effective time management, and clear team communication.