Researching Organic Materials to Control Fruitset of Apples

The project will utilize basic research to understand the target and time of action of the organic materials which will be used to guide the implementation and management plan for a new blossom thinner. The intern will test the efficacy of twenty candidate organic materials to act as blossom thinners and develop a management plan for the application of the materials with respect to timing and concentration at which they should be employed.

Data Analysis and Hypothesis Testing for Cattle Carcass Data and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Feedlot Health Management Services is a comprehensive beef industry consultancy, providing veterinary services, herd health programs and computerized health-recording systems and other informational tools to producers. Fat yield, lean yield, meat tenderness, carcass marbling and carcass grading are some characteristics of cattle that are measures of beef quality. Thus, the goal of this project is to determine how these characteristics and the genetic makeup of the cattle are correlated with one another.

Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance Program

The BC Ministry of Agriculture & Lands (MAL) monitors antimicrobial resistance of bacteria found in chickens, swine, cattle and other farm animals. The program uses a complex sampling scheme to select animals to be tested, and tests for resistance to several different bacteria. For E. coli and Salmonella, resistance and MIC values for 17 anti-microbial agents are collected, and for Campylobacter, for 8 antibiotics. Methods of analysis and presentation need to be developed to summarize the data using appropriate statistical methodology.