Effects of Probiotics on Anxiety and ADHD in Children

The Probiotics and Mental Health Research Lab in the Psychology Department at Acadia University is currently involved in exciting and innovative research examining the benefits that probiotics (a type of beneficial bacteria found in the human digestive tract as well as in certain foods) may provide to individuals living with psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD. While it is already well documented that probiotics promote good digestive health, less is known about the effects of probiotics on psychological health.

Export Marketing & Needs Analysis for Solanum Genomics Int’l Inc. (SGII)

This project will help Solanum Genomics International determine the export potential of one its technologies for improving potatoes. The commercial opportunity for this technology lies in improving the potato by increasing its genetic variability through a process called somaclonal variation. By understanding the market and its needs - knowing what traits the market is interested in, this technology can be used to select and clone for those traits and ensure a product with a market identified. The end result being an identified market for one of Solanum’s technologies.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fresh Produce to Extend Shelf-life and Quality

The bagged salad market continues to grow at 10% every year. Although convenient, bagged salads, such as salad spinach, have a short shelf-life (5-7 days) thereby incompatible with the extended retail distribution chains. There is a great motivation for developing methods to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce to open the way to new markets and increase the display time at retail. The proposed project will apply modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) to extend the shelf-life of spinach and spring mix.

Developing Crop Consulting App

The popularity of smartphones and tablets, their mobility and their ease of use raised the attention of companies such as consulting firms to provide their services to their clients’ mobile devices directly. Compared to currently available personal computers, these mobile devices have limited resources in terms of upload, download and on-device data storage capacity. Also, most of these companies designed their systems to work with personal computers. Phantom Ag Ltd. is a consulting firm that provides local farmers with Crop Management Services and on-farm research.

User Traces and Adaptive App Management, within there-implementation of the FarmAtHand App

We will research ways of tracking user behavior on a mobile application, as well as being able to remotely update the application without having to update program code. Hence allowing customizations per user, and the ability to make the change at any time. The partner organization FarmAtHand will benefit by receiving a brand new mobile application with many improvements and added features.

Synchronization between cloud database and mobile applications

The project will provide FarmAtHand – the partner organization a scalable and secure solution for making applications on multiple mobile platform like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. With this solution FarmAtHand will benefit by receiving brand new mobile applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and websites on which they can implement their farming approach. The above applications and websites can be use simultaneousely by many users from different locations without the risk of confliction.

Investigating process conditions and product quality in the recycling of used horse bedding

Typical horse bedding in BC consists of 90% woody materials and 10% hay and manure. Recycled bedding product has several advantages when compared to standard wood fibre bedding. Further densification into wood pellets with these recycled wood fibers is desired. This study is conducted to determine the efficiency of pathogen removal during the drying process of GreenScene Agritek Inc.’s pilot plant, and investigate the pelletization process. The process time-temperature conditions will be monitored and recorded.

Developing a Farm Management System: Migrating from iOS to Android platform

The project conducts a research to explore and investigate ways in developing a farm management tool that will assist farmers to have instant and secure access to information, and have the ability to update those information. Information updated on a device outside the coverage of wireless connection will be updated and synchronized when the device is within a coverage using application level synchronization technique.

Redefining Agri trends for a better future

BC potato industry is facing a burning problem of finding low value for its second grade potatoes. The sponsor, Heppells Potato Corp, being the largest producer of potatoes in BC is facing the same problem of finding optimized value for its second grade potatoes. Currently these potatoes are just culled. But the market value of these potatoes is equivalent to 10 - 20% of the whole farm's revenue. Hence they are exploring other options to process and commercialize these potatoes.

Techniques and Instruments of Value Production and Translation in Canadian Wild Food Harvesting

Commercial sourcing of wild foods, such as chanterelle mushrooms or wild blueberries, often requires accessing forests with competing uses. They might also be timberlands for conventional forestry, or parks for recreation or conservation. The conflicts that result illustrate how nature and natural resources are valued in different ways in different worlds: by forest managers or forest users, and by wild food consumers, concerned about conservation, or wild food harvesters, concerned about production.