Multiphysics Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems

Traditionally, the microchips that power our communications technology use electrical signals to compute, transfer, and store information. Silicon photonics (SiP) is an emerging field, where structures fabricated on those same microchips replace electrical signals with optical ones, enabling exciting new applications such as optical and wireless communications, bio/environment-sensing, and computing.

Reddit Community Analysis

People are social creatures and interacting with others is a fundamental human behavior. As people spend more time online, a larger part of their social life also become online. Online Forums such as Reddit have become very popular because of this. In this project, we want to define the what health means with regards to online forums - is it the quality of the comment, the average length of the comments, frequency of posts, number of users, the language of the posts or a combination of these. We also hope to determine which factors can affect the health of an online forum.

Refocusing and All-In-Focus Images for Angle-Sensitive Pixel Camera

Currently, the camera in your smartphone can take 2D color pictures. We have developed a new type of camera that can also provide you with depth at each point, not just color. Having depth and where objects are relative to each other in the scene open the door to many different new possibilities, for example having your phone tracking and recognizing your gestures, measuring distances between objects in pictures, changing the lighting, or removing and replacing the background in your photos. Another possibility is refocusing pictures after they were taken, or removing blur.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Investigating Innovative Online and Blended Pedagogical Practices - Duplicated

This proposal outlines an interdisciplinary, multi-method program of research to develop evidence-based frameworks for implementation and evaluation of innovative instructional practices offered by KnowledgeOne, an international online learning provider for post-secondary institutions, and its elearning partner, Concordia University.

External Cavity Laser Integrated with Silicon Photonic Systems

The project aims to develop a novel optical device for use in high-bandwidth data-communications. Such applications feed the insatiable desire for data transfer fuelled by the ever-expanding demand for social networking, video-over-internet and the emerging internet-of-things. The intern will gain invaluable industrial experience in a rapidly growing area, while the company will obtain an insight into the potential expansion of its product line into new applications.

Searching for quantum speedup in quantum annealers

As computer chips approach the nanometer-scale size, it is becoming increasingly clear that the next revolution in computing technologies will be enabled by quantum computing. A pioneer in quantum technologies aimed at quantum computing, the Canadian company D-wave Systems has developed quantum annealing processors consisting of superconducting circuit that can be used as efficient devices for solving high-dimensional optimization or sampling problems. The same problems can be solved using conventional computers and it is not yet clear if quantum annealers offer quantum speedup.

Novel Approaches for Practical Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that aims at producing computing models from observations (data), with no explicit coding made by humans. Recent advances have illustrated a strong potential of machine learning, with the potential of being a disruptive technology in many domains. For the current project, we are investigating techniques for making practical machine learning.

Flexible In-Home Caching for Video Streaming Services

NightShift optimizes customers' bandwidth usage when using streaming services. It does this by taking advantage of off-peak bandwidth availability to cache digital media content
addressing both problems of limited bandwidth (which impacts real-time streaming) and bandwidth quotas (which can result in bandwidth throttling or overage charges). The goal of
this research is to explore interfaces that allow end-user control of local storage and download while still preserving digital rights security and the platform (e.g. Netflix) experience
of viewing content. In particular, we will explore:

New methodology for seismic assessment and design of Non-Structural Components (NSCs) of building based on Ambient Vibration Measurements (AVM)

Past and recent earthquake clearly demonstrate that the poor seismic performance of Non-Structural Components (NSCs) can cause the building to lose its functionality, risks the life safety of occupants, and give a rise to huge economic damages even if the structural components have performed well. During past four decades, several analytical methods and empirical equations have been developed and recommended in codes and standards for seismic design and assessment NSCs. However, all of these approaches have shortcomings that make them either impractical or imprecise.

Research on data collection and collaboration from multiple diverse sources in the pharmaceutical vertical

Enhancement of technology and computer science has helped researchers in multiple fields and industries, from health care to automotive industry. Smoking is one of the habits that could harm humans dramatically. Lung cancer, heart attack is just some of the diseases that come with smoking. A large number of people strive to quit smoking each year by various methods, but not all of them are successful. In this research, we try to study what are the reasons that tempt people who quit smoking to smoke again.