Identification of copy number variation biomarkers in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Copy number variations (CNVs) are an important type of structural variation affecting pathogenesis of complex diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Accurate detection of genomic regions with CNVs is crucial for understanding the etiology of IBD, as these regions contain likely drivers of disease development. Microarray technology provides single-nucleotide resolution genomic data and is considered one of the best measurement technologies to detect CNVs. This project will identify and characterize CNV in 340 IBD patients in Manitoba.

Investigating the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Digital Content Creation with freehand 3D Sketching

The project involves conducting a study to evaluate human performance in executing simple drawing tasks like drawing curves and lines from various directions. The study will help ascertain the accuracy and ergonomic aspects of 3D drawing. We will then use the results of the study to design a 3D sketching system combining augmented reality glasses with traditional drawing tablets. The tablet can provide a physical constraint to aid drawing tasks while also reducing the amount of fatigue the artist faces.

Dynamic clustering of temporally incremental energy consumption patterns in a knowledge cloud

This project will develop a new mechanism for grouping objects in a dynamic environment, where new objects are regularly added with limited or incomplete information. Furthermore, the information about the existing and new objects increases over time. This new grouping mechanism will be called dynamic clustering of temporally incremental patterns. The proposal will be tested using energy consumption patterns for a large number of buildings. The types of the buildings will vary based on their usage such as office buildings, warehouse, shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutes, etc.

Imaging brain fuel metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a major challenge for the individual affected, society at large and there only modest effective drug treatment. We believe that a central problem in AD is the deteriorating fuel supply to the brain (mostly the sugar, glucose) and this impairment appears long before the onset of memory and cognitive problems emerge. We believe that attempting to correct this fuel problem will be part of any successful therapy for AD.

Casual Storytelling – How theme, story and setting affect level of engagement in mobile games

Mobile games have been dominating the Canadian video game industry over the past few years. However, the growing number of game releases creates an increased necessity to focus on quality in order to stick out of the mass. While storytelling has proven to greatly increase user
engagement in PC and console games, it is rarely used in mobile games. This creates an opportunity to explore if and how storytelling can be used in mobile games to achieve a similar effect.

Agent TALStat

Amélioration des performances et du processus de mise-au-point d’agents virtuels (AV) selon une approche hybride combinant du traitement automatique de la langue ou TAL (natural language processing), de l'apprentissage statistique (machine learning) et du génie cognitif à base de règles (les outils et API de Coginov). Notamment, nous expérimenterons l’utilisation de synonymes en contexte et l’amplification des données textuelles pour fins de traitements statistiques.

Entrepreneurial Delegation

Many entrepreneurs have passions for their ventures because they regard the ventures as their babies. Hence they are willing to put in greater amounts of “sweat equity” even if this greater effort is not fairly rewarded. This feeling is elicited by the entrepreneur’s psychological ownership. Although some psychological ownership is beneficial for new venture survival, excessively high levels of psychological ownership may lead to entrepreneur’s unwillingness to relinquish power and delegate.

Extension of Capabilities for the Measurement Radio Propagation Parameters in Cluttered 5G Coverage Scenarios

Work conducted during this project will involve the extension and further development of existing methods for detailed measurement and subsequent modelling of radiowave propagation characteristics in indoor environments at extremely high frequencies. Results will enable the determination of the powers, time delays, and angles of arrival of waves incident upon a receive antenna over direct, reflected, and diffracted paths between a transmit antenna and a receive antenna.

Efficient Computations on Encrypted Data Stored in the Cloud

Systems today often handle massive amount of data with little regard to privacy or security issues that may arise. This problem has become more acute as more and more individuals and organizations are using cloud-based data storage. Encryption techniques has often provided a key role in protecting sensitive information, however many challenges remain in using these types of techniques in this new cloud-based setting.

Using Mobile Augmented Reality for Customized STEM Education

Discovery Agents is a leader in mobile, augmented reality educational technology, with products and services intended to enhance student and teacher experiences within informal and formal educational settings. With a growing industry demand for diverse science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals, this study proposes to examine the impact of the Discovery Agents Mission Builder tool on STEM learning and perceptions among middle school students.