Influence of Viruses on Marine Prokaryotes in Canada's Arctic Waters

Viruses are an abundant and dynamic component of marine microbial communities. The project will use information encoded in the genomes of viruses and their bacterial hosts to obtain a measure of the number of different types of viruses and bacterial species in Canadian Arctic waters. Additionally, the project will focus on the relationship between viral and bacterial communities by trying to identify patterns in their geographical distribution in response to changing environmental conditions such as temperature or salinity.

Determining the Kinetics of Self-assembly of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide in Type 2 Diabetes

The intern will be conducting experiments to gather real-time data on the formation of toxic fibrous proteins that occur as part of the disease process in type 2 diabetes. These experiments will be carried out at BC Children’s Hospital in vitro for various concentrations of protein precursor to study the kinetics of assembly of the polymer with and without “seeding” of the reaction with preformed fibrils. This data will then be analyzed using mathematical modeling techniques to discover the key steps in the formation and growth of the toxic fibers.

Active Learning of Hierarchically Parameterized Policies

Next Level Games is a full-service videogame developer based in Vancouver, BC. This intern research project will investigate mathematical solutions to the incredibly difficult problem of sequential decision making in an uncertain, partially observed, multi-agent environment with realistic motor dynamics. The problem is formalized under the reinforcement learning framework, where the agent observes the world state, takes action, receives a reward and observes the new state.

Operations on Graphs

The main focus of this internship is to define and optimize geo-spatial operations for spatial queries, coordinate transformations, routing and topological error detection and correction. The intern will define and implement spatial operators on graphs to enable efficient analysis and retrieval of geo-spatial data.

Interaction of Log-Probabilities and Taxonomic Hierarchies

The intern’s project aims to provide a formal mathematical foundation to the weightings applied to terms used to describe complex models (eg mineral deposit models or landslide hazards) when measuring the similarity between models and existing natural phenomena such as mineral occurrences or seemingly dangerous slopes. These weightings are important to correctly matching models with existing natural phenomena, an activity which experts carry out mentally and which GeoReference Online Ltd has implemented on a computer.

A Physically-based Approach to Dynamically Model Hydrological Sensitive Areas and Run-off Source Area Contributions in Snowmelt-dominated Catchments

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. is a leading producer of quality kraft pulp. Working with the company, the intern will develop a field-based conceptualization of snowmelt run-off source area dynamics with particular attention given to process-controls, spatial hydraulic connectivity, the importance of geomorphology and the influence of forest cover removal.

Intensity Adjustments for Authentic Image Display and Perception in High Dynamic Range Imaging

New High dynamic range (HDR) display devices are being developed which have contract ratios 300 times greater than existing LCD displays. These HDR displays are the first that are able to fully represent the range of intensities that are produced by illuminated objects on a sunny day, and are joining HDR cameras and file formats in creating a pipeline from image capture/construction to display that is able to maintain much higher image fidelity than was previously possible.

Conservation Practices and the Infection Risk of Tick-borne Zoonotic Diseases in the Southern Okanagan

Biodiversity is critical in mediating, and even preventing, the spread of emerging zoonotic diseases, or diseases that are transmissible from wildlife to human populations. These include avian flu and Hantavirus. Understanding how threats to biodiversity conservation may also threaten human health is urgent, particularly as human development, changing environmental conditions and global trade are facilitating the emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases.

Investigation of the Benefits of Resource Diversification with an Energy Portfolio Dominated by Storage Hydro

This project will investigate the relative financial benefit of adding different types of power generating resources to the BC Hydro energy portfolio over time. The analysis will consider various drivers of financial risk that influence this evaluation such as commodity prices, energy demand, and water inflows. Appropriate measures of risk will be considered to aid in evaluating the comparison of alternate resource additions. A spreadsheet model will be constructed to complete the analysis.