Indigenous communities and international trade consultations

Wendy Ortega Pineda is determined to do her part to make the world a more equitable place. As a law student at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in Mexico, Wendy has learned much about the profound differences between nations regarding access to basic resources, issues of discrimination, and justice for human rights violations. This summer, she is further enhancing her worldly perspective by taking part in a 12-week research internship at the University of Saskatchewan.

Synthesis and Testing of Industrial Catalysts for Carbon dioxide (CO2)Reforming of Methane (CH4) in Coal Delivered Gases.

CO2 reforming of CH4 is a mean of converting greenhouse gases (environmental pollution gases) to useful industrial syn gas (fuel) through chemical reaction. This reaction cannot take place without the help of good performing catalysts. After synthesizing a stable catalyst at the laboratory level, our next step towards commercialization is to make it into shape catalyst and try it in a practically realistic source of CH4 and CO2.

The benefits of hemp protein supplementation during resistance training

Hemp powder is an increasingly popular supplement with body builders. Hemp contains many of the essential building blocks of proteins (i.e. amino acids) and also contains oil helpful to prevent swelling. It may also be beneficial for building muscle mass and increasing bone health. Despite these possible benefits, the effectiveness of hemp powder during a strength training program has never been assessed.

Synergistic actions of nutraceuticals on pain and inflammation in experimental arthritis Year Two

Arthritis is among the most common chronic conditions in Canada in both children and adults. Arthritis is a potentially disabling disease causing joint inflammation and pain. Increasingly, people suffering from arthritis are using alternative therapies including nutraceuticals. This research aims to create new knowledge about the synergistic effects of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA) with and without boswellia serrate extract to improve pain and inflammation in models of juvenile and adult arthritis.

Drying Fuel Alcohols and Natural Gas with Biosorbents Based on Agricultural By-products

Saskatchewan is one of the key provinces in Canada to produce canola, flax, barley, wheat, and other agricultural products. In this research work, high performance bio-adsorbents will be formulated from the agricultural by-products for drying bio-alcohols and natural gas at low costs. These biosorbents are re-usable for dehydration and regeneration cycles. The exhausted biomaterials may be used for fuel bio-alcohols production through gasification or fermentation.

Multiband phased antenna array feasibility study

Disruptive antenna technologies are required to provide performance and fabrication advantages in developing multi-functional antenna array solutions that could provide various capabilities, including multi-band frequency operation and two dimensional electronic steering. The internship will investigate the technical feasibility of such multi-functional antenna arrays for commercial applications in the context of fabrication constraints.

Risk Analysis and Efficiency Measurement of Protocols for Missing Children in Saskatchewan

We aim to use Saskatchewan’s data and current protocols to explore and identify the risk factors for the challenge of investigating cases of missing children. We will be using a variety of analytical methods in order to come up with a set of valuable recommendations for improving the process of investigating the cases of missing children.

Development of novel fuel additives for internal combustion engines

Fuel additives are used to increase oxygen content and lubricity of the fuel as well as enhance the efficiency of combustion, and reduce exhaust emissions (particulate matter, CO, NOx and SOx emissions). Vehicular pollution contaminates eco-system and affects human and plant life. The motivation of this research is to compliment petroleum based fuel additives by bio-based additives.

An application for patient decision aid for musculoskeletal injuries in Mild Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder in which the blood flow is impaired from clotting. If you have hemophilia, you may bleed for a longer time than others after an injury. The primary goal of our work is to enable patients with the condition to make effective decisions when injuries occur. For instance, our proposed application will aid the patient to seek either immediate attention from a healthcare provider if the injury is a major one.

Development and testing of canine and human positioning devices for phase contrast CT imaging at the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron

The purpose of this research is to develop improved diagnostic and treatment tools for prostate cancer in humans through the use of a canine (dog) model and a synchrotron-based x-ray source for imaging and therapy at the Canadian Light Source (CLS). Novel techniques in synchrotron x-ray imaging, specifically in-line phase contrast CT (PC-CT), will be explored as a valuable method for research and clinical imaging of spontaneous canine prostatic diseases as a model for human diseases.