Software Engineering for Mobile Game Software Product Lines

This project investigates the cost effectiveness of applying product line techniques to the development of the common elements of certain types of video games. Approximately ten games will be analyzed to identify those parts that are used by most of the games. Those commonly used parts will then be re-engineered to make them more generic and to facilitate their reuse in new games, thereby decreasing the cost of production and reducing the time it takes to bring a new video game to market.

Developing Crop Consulting App

The popularity of smartphones and tablets, their mobility and their ease of use raised the attention of companies such as consulting firms to provide their services to their clients’ mobile devices directly. Compared to currently available personal computers, these mobile devices have limited resources in terms of upload, download and on-device data storage capacity. Also, most of these companies designed their systems to work with personal computers. Phantom Ag Ltd. is a consulting firm that provides local farmers with Crop Management Services and on-farm research.

User Traces and Adaptive App Management, within there-implementation of the FarmAtHand App

We will research ways of tracking user behavior on a mobile application, as well as being able to remotely update the application without having to update program code. Hence allowing customizations per user, and the ability to make the change at any time. The partner organization FarmAtHand will benefit by receiving a brand new mobile application with many improvements and added features.

Synchronization between cloud database and mobile applications

The project will provide FarmAtHand – the partner organization a scalable and secure solution for making applications on multiple mobile platform like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. With this solution FarmAtHand will benefit by receiving brand new mobile applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and websites on which they can implement their farming approach. The above applications and websites can be use simultaneousely by many users from different locations without the risk of confliction.

Developing a Farm Management System: Migrating from iOS to Android platform

The project conducts a research to explore and investigate ways in developing a farm management tool that will assist farmers to have instant and secure access to information, and have the ability to update those information. Information updated on a device outside the coverage of wireless connection will be updated and synchronized when the device is within a coverage using application level synchronization technique.

Patient decision aid for musculoskeletal injuries in Mild Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder in which the blood flow is impaired from clotting. If you have hemophilia, you may bleed for a longer time  than others after an injury. The primary goal of our work is to enable patients with the condition to make effective decisions when injuries occur. For instance, our proposed application will aid the patient to seek either immediate attention from a healthcare provider if the injury is a major one.

Developing Crop Consulting App

This project is to build a mobile application that will allow partner’s clients to use it on their mobile device to access their farm data and receive ongoing recommendations from consultants. The project will benefit the partner organization by improving the communication between consultants and their client farmers. Currently, consultants print out their recommendations for farmers or sent it through mail. It is not easy to get timely or reliable feedback from farmers using paper and regular mail.

Expanding her research horizons

Hailing from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Daniela is stationed at the University of Saskatchewan for 12 weeks to work alongside Professor Adelaine Leung in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Her interest in neurocognitive and neurodegenerative diseases paired perfectly with Professor Leung’s research project on depression.

Syntheses of novel 3,5-bis(benzylidene)-4-piperidone derivatives as potential anticancer agents

The principal objective of this proposal is to discover novel drugs to treat colon cancers. Currently colon cancer is a huge medical problem and there are many disadvantages to current drug therapies. These disadvantages include their ineffectiveness to completely eradicate cancers, causing toxic side effects and the development of multidrug resistance. A group of compounds discovered in the laboratory of the supervisor designated series 1 has significant potencies towards a number of human colon cancer cell lines.

Processes for Ensuring Mobile Educational Game Quality

Software developers have been quick to capitalize on the growing number of children using smartphones, publishing enough educational titles to warrant their own category on the Apple App Store. However, establishing the efficacy and usability of these mobile educational games can be difficult and expensive. Heuristics are commonly used during the evaluation of user interface and game design, providing substantial benefit at limited cost. However, current game heuristics do not address the interplay between educational and entertainment outcomes.