Applied Analysis & Applied PDEs


Workshop information


The workshop will start in the morning of July 12 and end at noon on July 15, 2011.

Program description:

PDEs primarily arise from physical models in fluid dynamics, mathematical physics, optimal mass transportation, etc. Their analysis is a broad subject. Some applied mathematicians tend to study nonlinear PDEs  rather as purely mathematical objects, often modifying them for technical reasons, while others  prefer to focus on the relevant aspects of the equations and the phenomena underlying them, without much interest on their mathematical deepness. While these two aspects of PDEs are equally important, it was somehow reasonable to concentrate on either side of them, with little or no interest on the other. However, after the past few decades of rapid progress in the nonlinear analysis, it is getting more and more realistic to put these areas together as a vast but unified field. Consequently, a cross-communication among researchers in these closely related sub-fields of PDEs is necessary for the progress in nonlinear PDEs.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers in applied PDEs and optimal transportation, with special focus on applications in fluid dynamics and waves in atmospheric science.

There will be three mini-courses on selected topics from optimal transportation theory, Navier-Stokes type equations, and PDEs for waves in atmospheric science. The mini-courses will be given by worldwide experts on the above subjects. In addition, there will be a moderate number of talks highlighting the most recent progress in these directions. Young researchers, PostDocs and Graduate students are especially encouraged to attend.