Mathematical Biology Workshop and IGTC Summit


Workshop information

Date: July 14-16, 2011

Workshop information:
Mathematical Biology is an important growing area of Applied Mathematics, and Canada has active researchers in a number of current areas including the two focal topics of our proposed workshop: mathematical physiology (particularly gene and neuronal networks) and structured population dynamics. Mathematics is increasingly proving a valuable tool for modelling physiological systems and is particularly indispensable in the past-genomic era for understanding the function of gene and neuronal networks. Thus, mathematics may lead to advances in disease treatment. Structured population dynamics has recently gained tremendous interest because such models can incorporate more biological realism such as stage, age, social and spatial structures of populations, and thus lead to more accurate predictions and the design of more effective control strategies. Both topics inspire mathematical research in dynamical systems, partial differential equations, and stochastic processes.

The event will also serve as the annual Summit of the IGTC (International Graduate Training Centre) in Mathematical Biology.

Sponsored by PIMS, Mitacs, and the University of Victoria