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  • Developing Crop Consulting Mobile App

    Dr. Ralph Deters
    Nan Chen
    Phantom Ag Ltd.
    University of Saskatchewan

    The main purpose of the project is finding a user preferred way of synchronization and user interaction on Android platform. The result of the experiment will help the applicant to design user friendly mobile application. As a result, the partner organization can get an android version of with good user experience since the system will be optimized after evaluating users’ feedbacks.

  • Integrating attentional shifts to improve stereo vision in robot navigation

    Dr. Bryan Tripp
    Eric Hunsberger & TBD
    CrossWing Inc.
    Génie, autre
    Technologies de l'information et des communications
    University of Waterloo

    Artificial 3D vision is computationally intensive. It takes an impractically long time for a robot to analyze a video frame in order to accurately estimate the locations of nearby obstacles. This project will develop new techniques for selecting only the most important regions of each video frame to analyze at each moment, so that a robot can update its knowledge of obstacle locations a number of times per second. CrossWing Inc. is developing a telepresence robot that needs this capability in order to support rapid semi-autonomous navigation.

  • Evaluation of National Physical Activity Initiatives

    Dr. Guy Faulkner
    Lauren White
    Sports et loisirs
    University of Toronto

    In 2007, ParticipACTION was relaunched in Canada with the goal of inspiring and supporting active living and sport participation for Canadians. The focus of ParticipACTION is on social marketing initiatives The objective of the proposed internship is to take advantage of data collected through internal evaluations commissioned by ParticipACTION of two national campaigns – Teen Challenge, and Sports Day in Canada, and address a number of knowledge gaps in the physical activity research field. First, what role can microgrants play in supporting community capacity to promote physical activity? Second, what role do large scale, one-off sporting and PA events like Sports Day in Canada perform in encouraging sport and physical activity participation? ParticipACTION will benefit from having a graduate trainee with research experience and competency in statistical analyses. ParticipACTION does not currently have the capacity or the statistical expertise to conduct the work being proposed. Findings from the described project will be used to inform the future planning and delivery of the two initiatives. 

  • Understanding Event-based Interactions in Enterprise Web Applications

    Dr. Ali Mesbah
    Saba Jani
    SAP Business Objects Division
    Génie, informatique et électrique
    Technologies de l'information et des communications
    University of British Columbia

    JavaScript is widely used today to create interactive web applications that replace many traditional desktop applications. However, understanding the behaviour of web applications is a challenging endeavour for developers. Despite its importance and challenges, there is currently not much research dedicated to supporting program comprehension for web applications and popular industrial tools, such as Firebug and Chrome DevTools, are limited in their capabilities to support web developers effectively. In this work, we propose to extend our web application comprehension technique, called Clematis, so that it can readily be applied on industrial enterprise web applications. Clematis automatically captures low-level events, their temporal and causal relations, and creates a behavioural model that is presented to the developer as an interactive visualization. To make this technique applicable in practice, we will explore how custom higher-order actions can be intercepted and mapped to lower level native event interactions and presented to web developers.

  • Wireless Asset Tracking and Locating System

    Dr. Abbas Yongaçoglu
    Kerem Karatas
    Technical Solutions Inc.
    Génie, informatique et électrique
    Technologies de l'information et des communications
    Université d'Ottawa

    Proposed research project consists of finding a suitable solution to the problem of tracking assets in environments with different constraints. The solution is expected to include the development of geolocation algorithm and then based on the algorithm creating schematics of several modules with transceivers, embedding of required low level software to the selected microcontroller controlling the transceivers, developing high level software for server side data management and client side monitoring and control. The design of the modules hardware parts requires knowledge about electronic design. Multiple coding languages such as C to run on microcontroller, Java and Python to run on server and client side and Matlab for simulation, will be used to complete the project. If the prototyping and testing succeeds, the company will have the research and development work done before creating a finished product ready for production.

  • Design and Optimization of Crankshaft Vibration Dampers

    Dr. Il Yong Kim
    Dan Foresi
    Magna Powertrain
    Génie, mécanique
    Automobile et transport
    Queen's University

    This research project attempts to tackle the major issues experienced with crankshaft vibration in modern internal combustion engines through the use of tuned finite element model and optimized rubber dampers. The purpose of this project is to lay out a systematic approach for the design of torsional vibration dampers when given a set of engine parameters. Current industry development relies heavily on the trial and error method as well as past engineering experience. Although this method eventually yields a product which satisfies the performance requirements, excessive development time is required to achieve this state of completion. This project will tackle the development process through the use of advanced finite element methods with the goal of drastically reducing time from inception to production.

  • Evolution of digital access modes in Employee and Family Assistance Programs

    Dr. Hanna Jankowski
    Yanhua Tian
    Finance, assurance et affaires
    York University

    Shepell·fgi is a leading provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs) for domestic and global clients. As digital technology and online social networks became increasingly important, Shepell·fgi added new digital services (First Chat, Video Counselling, Online Access, and other online programs) other than the traditional delivery channels (telephone and in-person appointments). Many recent studies focus on analyzing the clinical and monetary effectiveness of these online programs, however, rarely do they focus on user demographics. The goal of this research proposal is to provide statistical longitudinal demographic analysis of 2010-2013 data from Shepell·fgi. The results of these research findings will allow Shepell·fgi to make confident decisions with regards to investment and expansion of their online programs. A better understanding of demographic trends of support delivery will help Shepell·fgi counsel their clients more effectively.

  • Economic viability of an ecosystem-based management in an eastern Canadian boreal forest

    Osvaldo Valeria
    Narayan Prasad Dhital
    Pulpe et papier
    Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue

    New forest law in Quebec implemented since early this year requires the forest management companies to put ecosystem-based management in the center of their forest management strategies by designing the forest management activities to resemble closely the natural disturbances (e. g., clear cutting to emulate stand replacing disturbances and partial cutting for secondary disturbances). Partial cutting is expected to be intensified to meet this objective. However, we do not have enough experience to demonstrate that partial cutting is economically viable. Through the investment analyses in a boreal forest located in south-western Quebec and managed by Tembec Inc., this study is expected to provide the partner organization with knowledge on economic potential of the partial cutting of different intensity.

  • Étude de cas : Le rôle de l’intermédiaire GoExport dans l’internationalisation des PME québécoises au Brésil

    Aurélia Durand
    Eléonore Kuentz
    GoExport Inc.
    Industrie des services
    HEC Montréal

    Le projet intitulé « Étude de cas : Le rôle de l’intermédiaire GoExport dans l’internationalisation des PME québécoises au Brésil » a pour but de déterminer comment des agents intermédiaires comme l’entreprise montréalaise GoExport permettent à des PME québécoises de surmonter les distances qu’elles peuvent rencontrer lors de leur processus d’internationalisation au Brésil. Ces distances sont d’ordre culturel, économique, administratif, technologique et géographique, et peuvent être extrêmement difficiles à surmonter pour des PME ayant peu de ressources à investir dans leurs exportations. Ce projet permettra donc à l’entreprise partenaire GoExport de justifier sa pertinence dans ce processus d’internationalisation auprès de futurs clients.

  • Optimisation de processus de remplissage des bacs au mezzanine du centre de distribution de Boucherville de Rona inc

    Sylvain Perron
    Abderrahim Ammari
    Rona Inc.
    Produits de consommation
    HEC Montréal

    L'optimisation des opérations dans les entrepôts constitue une composante importante dans une démarche de réduction des coûts et par conséquent d’augmentation de la compétitivité des entreprises. Le bon fonctionnement des grands centres de distribution est basé sur leur capacité à réduire le temps de réception et d'expédition des commandes. Dans le contexte du problème étudié dans ce projet, on s’intéressera particulièrement à l’optimisation du temps pour compléter les commandes de produits à l’unité dont la préparation se fait dans des bacs qui sont remplis pour être ensuite acheminés vers le client par camion. Le remplissage des bacs se fait via un circuit de tapis roulants automatiques reliant différents secteurs de l’entrepôt. Nous utiliserons un modèle de simulation pour représenter le fonctionnement actuel de ce circuit afin de tester différentes règles visant l’optimisation du temps de préparation des commandes.

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