Step | Success Story

Step workshops prove out of this world

13 August 2014
While pursuing his Masters in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto, Ali Nasseri understood the importance of developing business skills. He started looking for opportunities to...
Step | Success Story

Gaining career insight one step at a time

03 February 2014
As a PhD student in the Department of Earth and Space Science at York University in Toronto, Junjie Zhang spends his days researching the application of GIS and LiDAR remote sensing on utility...
Step | Success Story

Stepping towards a dream job

05 September 2013
Alireza Gazerani is no stranger to academia. With a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, and Masters degrees in both Systems Science and Economics at the University of Ottawa, he’s...
Step | Success Story

A step forward in computer security

26 June 2013
In an increasingly digital society, computer security and protection of data for industry, government and academic organizations is of paramount importance. PhD candidate Marcelo Brocardo from the...
Step | Success Story

Stepped up networking skills

28 January 2013
Brett Favaro was always anxious attending networking events at scientific conferences.  While he knew the benefits of meeting with fellow researchers and sharing ideas, walking into a room full...
Step | Success Story

Applying Step skills in the real world

11 December 2012
For Gurjeev Sohi, scientific discoveries have always been a thing of wonder and excitement. As a PhD student in Western University's department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Gurjeev’s...
Step | Success Story

Launching a good team takes skill

26 July 2012
Step Student So-Ra Chung uses her skills in project management to create a team that’s out of this worldWith the average cost of launching a satellite easily reaching hundreds of millions of...
Step | Success Story

Step student making a difference in cancer research

24 May 2012
Dr. Ahmadi using team-building skills to develop important biotechnology devicesWhen Ali Ahmadi came to Canada to complete a doctorate in applied science, he had a very personal goal of making a...
Step | Success Story

The Mitacs Step Experience

15 March 2012
A look inside…What makes Mitacs Step workshops such crowd pleasers? From professors to participants its rave reviews all around.  I sat in on a workshop to see, first-hand, what sets...
Step | Success Story

You don’t know what you’re missing until you take that Step

01 November 2011
Today, Ahmed El Saadany is a management consultant for the world-renowned McKinsey & Company.He was still pursuing a Mechanical Engineering Ph. D. at the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering...
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