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Mitacs Employment Opportunities

Director, Grant Programs (Accelerate & Elevate) - Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal

The Director, Accelerate & Elevate is responsible for the development of program strategy and operational plans and accountable for the oversight of overall program management and implementation...
Mitacs-Accelerate Internship Opportunity - Alberta

Effects of restroom cleanliness on public perception – AB004

Preferred Disciplines: Psychology/Sociology Project length: 4 monthsApprox. start date: as soon as possibleLocation:  Edmonton, ABNo. of Positions: 1 Summary of Project:Many people...
Mitacs-Accelerate Internship Opportunity - Alberta

Synthesis of Heteroaromatic Compounds for Drug Applications – AB003

Preferred Disciplines: Chemistry Project length: 8 monthsApprox. start date: as soon as possibleLocation:  2011 94 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1H1, Edmonton, ABNo. of Positions: 3 ...
Mitacs-Accelerate Internship Opportunity - Alberta

Honeywell Process Solutions – Big Data Technologies and Analytics – AB002

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Science or Software Engineering Project length: 8-12 monthsApprox. start date: as soon as possibleLocation:  Edmonton, ABNo. of Positions: 1 Summary of...
Mitacs Employment Opportunities

Software Developer- Vancouver, BC- 1 Year Contract

Mitacs requires a Software Developer in the IT/IS department. The position is a full time position.  The candidate will report to the Director of Information Technology.  The position...
Mitacs-Accelerate Internship Opportunity - BC

Seal Durability – BC257

Preferred Disciplines: Engineering/Physics - PHD Project length: 9-12 monthsApprox. start date: as soon as possibleLocation:  Vancouver, BC (75% time on-site per 4-6 month internship)No. of...
Mitacs-Accelerate Internship Opportunity – Québec

Quebec’state on Innovation 2014: an International Benchmarking project – QC-024

Preferred Disciplines:  Economics/Political Sciences Project length: 4 monthsApprox. start date: as soon as possibleLocation:  Montreal, QuebecNo. of Positions: 1 Summary of...
Mitacs Employment Opportunities

Administrative Assistant, Partnerships & Programs - Toronto, ON

This position is part of a national administrative team that provides a broad cross-section of administrative support to Mitacs programs and executives.  Under the direction of the Manager,...
Mitacs-Accelerate Internship Opportunity - BC

Identify reasons of failed welds that stem from resistance welding, mainly flash butt welding – BC256

Preferred Disciplines:  Chemical and Materials Engineering, and preference when combined with Statistics Project length: 4  monthsApprox. start date: as soon as possible  Location...
Mitacs-Accelerate Internship Opportunity - BC

Think Together – BC255

Preferred Disciplines:  MBACompany: Two Tall TotemsProject length: 4 monthsApprox. start date: as soon as possible  Location:  Vancouver, BCNo. of Positions: 1 Summary of Project:...
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Canada’s premiere research internship program providing interns with the opportunity to transfer their skills from theory to real-world application, while companies gain a competitive advantage by accessing high-quality research expertise.

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Provides a foundation of cutting-edge research, business, entrepreneurship and scientific management skills to newly-minted PhDs while giving companies access to a highly qualified uniquely trained pool of talent.

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Mitacs Globalink builds a living bridge between Canada and international partners by establishing and reinforcing global links through student mobility.


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Enterprise is a comprehensive, career-development program that gives graduates of science, technology, engineering and math the opportunity to build their business skills through an intense program of mentorship and work experience with small and medium-sized companies.

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Canada’s only comprehensive program providing business-ready skills to up-and-coming researchers. Step trains graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in essential interpersonal, project management and entrepreneurial skills required for them to succeed in their future career.

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Making science and mathematics compelling for future researchers – our children – through initiatives such as the nationally-recognized theatrical production, Math Out Loud, and online quiz game, MathAmaze.