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A History of Mitacs

What happens when several determined mathematical scientists set out
to change the research landscape in Canada? Exponential results!


  • Founded as an NCE
  • Dr. Arvind Gupta becomes Program Leader
  • $3.21 million in funding announced from the NCE.


    Total industry research investment passes $2.5 million


  • First interns conduct research at Alcatel
  • 2003

  • Internship program launch
  • New way to identify abnormal cardiac rhythms
  • SARS research task force
  • Banff International Research Station opens
  • 18 internships


    $6 million in funding announced from the NCE, Western Economic Diversification Canada, the Government of BC and Government of Alberta.

    30 internships


  • Oscar-winning animation
  • Improving patient transportation
  • 85 internships


  • Guest lecturer astronaut Chris Hadfield
  • Summer school on modeling of infectious diseases
  • Spin-off company ExPretio Technologies
  • 170 internships


  • Step program launches
  • Start of the Accelerate internship program
  • Federal budget includes MITACS
  • Research into spread of HIV/AIDS, TB
  • Enhancing wave power generation
  • $11.9 million in funding announced from the Government of Canada, Government of BC, Government of Nova Scotia, Government of Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Fonds de recherche du Québec.

    240 internships


  • Organic apple yields get a boost in Nova Scotia
  • Breakthrough in roofing estimation software
  • Collaboration on communications security and health
  • Accelerate program expands to Ontario
  • $26.3 million in funding announced from the Government of Ontario, Government of New Brunswick, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Industrial Research and Development Internship program and the Industrial Research Assistance Program.

    675 internships


  • Boeing uses Accelerate for aerospace research
  • International internship program launches
  • First large-scale Accelerate research project
  • The Centre for Applied Mathematics in Biosicence and Medicine (CAMBAM)
  • MITACS 10 year anniversary
    $635,000 in funding announced from the Government of Manitoba, Government of British Columbia and Western Economic Diversification Canada.

    1,060 internships


  • Elevate program launched
  • Canadian and Brazilian researchers unite
  • CEO appointed to federal R&D panel
  • Breakthrough in telemetry
  • Globalink program expands to Ontario with $1 million in funding from FedDev Ontario
    $15.6 million in funding announced from FedDev and the Government of Ontario.

    1,544 internships


  • First Globalink fellowship
  • MITACS splits, Mprime formed
  • “Innovation Canada: A Call to Action”
  • First annual research awards
  • International conference of mathematicians
  • Globalink expands to Brazil and China
    $1 million in funding announced from the Government of Manitoba.

    1,576 internships


  • Second annual awards ceremony
  • Intern saves pulp mill $40K annually
  • Mexico becomes fourth Globalink research partner country

    2,109 internships


  • Two-way international research mobility
  • The need for postdoc career training
  • Third annual Mitacs awards
  • New partnership in social sciences and humanities
  • Revolution in breast cancer treatment
  • Mitacs receives $48 million in extra funding
  • 2,619 internships


  • Government invests $8 million in Elevate
  • Turkey and Vietnam become Globalink partner countries
    $8.6 million in funding announced from the Government of Canada, Government of New Brunswick and Government of Saskatchewan.