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Improving high speed signals of data transmission hardware

Elevate | Success Story
10 Apr, 2014
Haleh Vahedi partnered with Snowbush-Semtech IP, and landed a full time job

As demand for faster data transmission rates places pressure on existing computer hardware, companies like Snowbush-Semtech IP are keen to ensure that every dollar spent on developing new products will have a return on investment. After investing in a two-year postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Haleh Vahedi through Mitacs Elevate, the company saw such tremendous value in her work that they decided to hire her full-time.

Increasing prostate cancer survival rates

Accelerate | Success Story
10 Apr, 2014
Mitacs Accelerate intern helps develop new screening tool for prostate cancer

Each year, more than 26,000 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  However, the chances of survival are good – especially if it is detected during its early stages.

Once prostate cancer is diagnosed, a series of biopsies has to be done to determine how serious the case is.  These can be invasive and painful for the patient and may not give an accurate prognosis.

Pursuing a Master’s degree through Mitacs Globalink

Globalink Graduate Fellowship | Success Story
24 Mar, 2014
Globalink Research Intern returns to the University of Toronto for graduate studies

When Wanyao Zhao came to Canada in the summer of 2012 he had one thing on his mind – the type of research he’d be doing as a Globalink Research Intern at the University of Toronto. What he didn’t expect was to be so warmly embraced by the people of at the University, not to mention those in the city’s Chinatown where he stayed for 12 weeks during his internship. After completing his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Wanyao knew he had to return to Canada.

Mitacs Accelerate stimulating research and development in small businesses

Accelerate | Success Story
24 Mar, 2014
A Quebec company plans to commercialize a unique hearing protection device developed by its intern

Overexposure to loud sounds can cause temporary and possibly permanent hearing loss. Although this is largely associated with people working in noisy environments, it can also be the consequence of recreational noise, affecting people of all ages, especially teenagers and young adults. Sonomax Technologies Inc. is a Montreal-based business that specializes in manufacturing hearing protection products. The company developed a unique type of high-performance, custom earphones that provide noise isolation with hearing protection.

Professor Jérémie Voix and Kuba Mazur

Reducing high school dropout rates in Canada

Accelerate | Success Story
14 Mar, 2014
A Mitacs Accelerate intern joins the effort to evaluate a new and exciting Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada program

Every year, approximately 40,000 high school students drop out of school in Canada. Launched in 2012 as a partnership between Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (BGCC) and Rogers Youth Fund, Rogers Raising the Grade is a national afterschool education program which aims to increase academic skills and high school graduation rates for youth through Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.

Improving childhood literacy

Accelerate | Success Story
04 Mar, 2014
PhD student from the University of New Brunswick develops a new program to help with early childhood reading development through Mitacs Accelerate

Research has found children who are behind in their language and literacy skills when they start school rarely catch up to their counterparts, unless they receive a targeted and well-planned reading intervention program.

While completing her PhD at the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Education, Erin Schryer sought to create such a program to help preschoolers.

Calling Canada home

Globalink Research Internship | Success Story
17 Feb, 2014
Globalink Research Intern returns to UBC for Master’s degree

During a 12-week Mitacs Globalink research internship at the University of British Columbia in the summer of 2012, Linda Yang quickly realized she wanted to return to complete her Master’s. An undergraduate student from China’s Central South University at the time, Linda was wowed by UBC’s research facilities and the hands-on classroom learning. Just over a year later, she fulfilled her goal, becoming an international graduate student in the Master’s of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine program at UBC.

Gaining career insight one step at a time

Step | Success Story
03 Feb, 2014
International PhD student sees beyond the horizon after participating in nine Step workshops

As a PhD student in the Department of Earth and Space Science at York University in Toronto, Junjie Zhang spends his days researching the application of GIS and LiDAR remote sensing on utility management and forest inventory. Junjie came to Canada four years ago (via China and then the Netherlands) to complete his PhD in geomatics engineering because he wanted to become part of Canada’s geomatics community. What he didn’t expect while completing his PhD abroad was the vital business and professional skills training he’s received through Mitacs Step.

Analyzing First Nations well-being under self-governance

Accelerate | Success Story
03 Feb, 2014
Mitacs Accelerate sociology interns help the Tsawwassen First Nations plan for the future

In 2009, the Tsawwassen First Nation, situated south-west of Vancouver, became the first in British Columbia to sign a self-governance treaty with the governments of Canada and BC.  It effectively set up a new government jurisdiction for the local population under the formal treaty negotiation process, allowing them to pass new laws over their land and decide, independent of other levels of government, how the community should be managed.

Improving pain treatment

Elevate | Success Story
15 Jan, 2014
Mitacs Elevate fellow uses newly acquired communication skills to conduct research on chronic pain

Vinícius Gadotti’s quest to understand how the human body deals with pain began more than ten years ago, when his aunt was diagnosed with a severe form of arthritis that left her in constant pain and confined to a wheelchair. A Mitacs Elevate fellow at the University of Calgary’s Department of Pharmacology and Physiology, Vinícius is researching alongside Dr. Gerald Zamponi to help uncover these answers. In collaboration with Innovate Calgary, Vinícius is testing new drug compounds in animal models to see if they can prevent the occurrence of chronic pain.

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