Who we are 

From idea to impact 
Mitacs empowers Canadian innovation through effective partnerships that deliver solutions to our most pressing problems. By driving economic growth and productivity, we create meaningful change to improve quality of life for all Canadians. 

Mission statement 

From inspiring innovation to creative solutions
Mitacs is a catalyzing force in the Canadian innovation ecosystem. We build a world-class, diverse community of innovators through our collaborative model, attracting and deploying top talent to industry, and matching need with expertise to create ambitious solutions to real-world challenges. 

What we do 

From building partnerships to developing talent 
For over 20 years, Mitacs has assisted organizations in reaching their business goals, has funded cutting-edge innovation, and has created job opportunities for students and postdocs. We are passionate about developing the next generation of researchers who will work to fuel Canada’s knowledge-based economy. 

Our history 

A dynamic evolution 
Founded in 1999, Mitacs has grown far beyond its original focus on applied and industrial research in mathematics. Today, we support a wide range of disciplines, from STEM to social innovation; broadened our undertaking to include college and undergraduate students, as well as new graduates and postdocs; and expanded our network of businesses, hospitals, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. With close to 400 employees and regional hubs in Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver we are an integral part of Canada’s innovation ecosystem. 

Our people 

Discover our team 
With robust leadership and more than 100 Mitacs Advisors across the country, we are dedicated to building and supporting new partnerships. In addition to our head office in Vancouver, Mitacs has offices in major regional centres Montréal, Ottawa, and Toronto as well as Mitacs Advisors in more than 45 locations across the country. To find a Mitacs Advisor visit: 


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