Process development with PAT solutions to manufacture the oil-based raw material

The goal of this study will be to development a process to manufacture the oil-based raw material with PAT implementation.

Development of automated classifier and field-specific interface platform for accessing up-to-date global mobility compliance requirements

The Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) is Canada’s leading authority on employee relocation and whose goal is to provide leadership, services and assistance to members enabling them to effectively serve relocated families by addressing issues that impact workforce mobility both domestically and internationally. Building on the previous collaboration, Seneca, CERC, and the IBM Center for Advanced Studies are developing a web portal and automated classifier to provide companies with up-to-date compliance and travel information for employee relocation.

Minimizing Mental Health impact of Burnout and Vicarious Trauma on Front-line Workers of the Residential Care Agencies

The Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth (OARTY) is a provincial association of private
residential services. OARTY members provide support to individuals needing temporary, short or longterm
residential care; including those suffering the aftermath of abuse and neglect, and those with
developmental challenges, among others.
The problem that OARTY and its members are facing is a high staff turnover.

Advanced Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Data Analysis and Performance Predictor using Edge Computing

This project focuses on giving the commercial or industrial property (i.e. non-solar professional) owners and facilities managers the ability to accurately calculate the predicted output of a small to medium-size solar plant and compare that value to what it is producing. This comparison is helpful to the facilities manager as it gives a way to monitor for, pick up on and rectify issues with their solar plant, thereby ensuring their return on their investment.

Innovation in Tax Filing: Identifying Barriers and Increasing Access

Federal and provincial governments use the tax system to establish eligibility and deliver benefits and credits to low-income Canadians. Low-income Canadians experience increased barriers to filing their taxes and thus do not maximize available benefits. This is likely to have worsened as free in-person tax clinics closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic or only provide services virtually and as a result become inaccessible for individuals who lack technology and internet access.

Next Generation candidate screening and assessment platform featuring psychological profiling though gamification

This project is the first step to providing Thinking North’s Purple Squirrel recruitment platform to go beyond traditional matching with a novel, data-backed holistic candidate matching process. To provide a robust system, Thinking North is collaborating with Seneca’s School of Software Design and Data Science to use advanced artificial intelligence and gamification techniques to combine “psychology” and “gamification,” known as “psychification,” to enhance the screening aspect for a recruitment process.

Therapeutic efficacy of tryptamine analogues in a PC12 Cell as a model of depression via assessment of neurite outgrowth and enhanced cellular viability

There is a growing body of evidence that certain combinations of bioactives derived from natural source products may have potent effect on neuritogenesis and foster neuronal cell viability. The effect of neuron plasticity suggests there are potential treatments of major neurodegenerative and psychiatric conditions.

Building Systems Operational Dashboard and Analysis

Mircom is a Canadian Company that operates as a global player the building solutions sector and is the largest independent fire alarm and control system manufacturer in North America, with product lines spanning Fire Alarm and Emergency Audio, Communications, and Security and brands include Mircom™ Secutron™, and U.E.C.™ United Export Corporation. This project will boost Mircom’s competitiveness in global markets by using data effectively to improve operating margins.