The development of flexible photoanodes using composite semiconducting materials

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC), are a device capable of generating electricity using the light from the sun. A traditional DSSC is formed by an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte, each component with an essential purpose in the overall functioning mechanism.Special attention will be paid to the anode, its components, and modifications in the herein project. The anode is usually formed by a glass slide coated with a thin semiconducting oxide material as the substrate. Then titanium dioxide nanoparticles are deposited onto that substrate and modified with the desired dye.

Quantifying Effect of Behavioral Biases on Investing

The intern will research quantitative techniques to identify biases that influence traders’ performance. By developing software tools that utilize statistical as well as machine learning methods in order to identify these biases and integrate into a product it will enable traders and financial managers to get feedback on how they can avoid these biases and improve their performance in the future.

Developing A Drug-Protein Interactome for Identifying Potential Drug Targets In-situ

Our method reveals the interaction landscape of a given drug. We will generate a two-part biosensor inside living cells. The first part involves a genetically encoded reactive ‘beacon’. The second part is the drug of interest, synthetically modified with complementary reactivity to the beacon. When present together in cells, both parts chemically combine to form a chimeric ‘drug-beacon’, which will then report on the local protein environment of the derivatized drug by using proteomics.

Automated Domain Specific Essay Scoring

Automated essay scoring (AES) task involves using computer technology to grade written assessment and assigning a score based on its perceived quality. AES has been among the most significant Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications especially due to its educational and commercial value. Accordingly, AES is a well-studied topic with previous studies focusing on improving the performance via state-of-the-art deep learning and NLP methods to more accurately score the essays. The majority of these studies rely on publicly available corpora and limited datasets.

The effects of AI empathic music therapy on psychosocial and cognitive functions of older adults: a pilot and validation study

Music therapy is an evidence-based effective intervention to promote psychological, social and emotional health, and it is specifically favored by older adults. However, little is known on the efficacy of the AI-assisted empathic music therapy in which the music is continuously adapted to individuals’ mood. To fill this gap, the proposed project will assess the added benefits of the AI music therapy (AIT) compared to traditional music therapy (TMT) in older adults.

Research and Development in Helical Steel Pile Heat Exchangers

Helical steel piles are commonly used structural elements that anchor building foundations deep in the soil. Recently, it has been demonstrated that they can be used as ground heat exchangers with ground source heat pumps (GSHPs). These dual use geo-piles (structural and thermal) have the potential to significantly reduce GSHP installation costs, leading to greater adoption of sustainable energy technology. A potential application of geo-pile heat exchangers has been identified in the remote Canadian North.

Affordable Storm Shelters for Thunderstorm Activities in Canada

There is a growing number of thunderstorms capable of generating intensive gust fronts and tornadoes, which drastically affect people living in the rural/cottage areas. For instance, in 2020, Canada paid 2.5 billion CAD for weather-related insurance claims, and this number is growing due to climate change. Thunderstorms are responsible for most of the weather-related losses within Canada. The resiliency of civil infrastructure against extreme winds leads to safer communities. Currently, the influence of windstorms is not sufficiently accounted in building codes.

New Pavement-Stress Rutting Mapping Method using Spinning Multi-Beam LiDAR

Roads and pavement stresses monitoring and assessment is of paramount importance to ensure road safety is maintained. Pavement stresses and deformation, as road rutting, poses a road safety risk as it can be the cause of collisions leading to loss of lives. Traditional methods used to monitor and assess road conditions are labour and cost intensive, can’t cover large areas of the roads and typically causes traffic disturbance as road closures are needed.

Producer Training in Canada

Our project is centred on identifying the needs of the performing arts sector, in terms of producing, and understanding what form of producing supports these needs and what solution can we develop to solve this problem. Our hypothesis for this project is that there is a major gap in the Canadian performing arts industries with the availability of skilled and knowledgeable creative producers.

Development of an enhanced Haptic based Virtual Reality Ground Control Station

In this project, we would like to develop an enhanced Haptics Virtual Reality Ground Control Station (Haptics VR-GCS) to control an aerial vehicle using a virtual controller defined within the virtual environment. Such an advanced portable Haptics VR-GCS system is important to lower pilot workload and increase situational awareness. In the first place, the stand-alone VR headset would be connected to the haptics gloves and the flight simulation tool.