Investigating strategies for optimizing immunity to COVID-19: examining the impact of probiotic lactic acid bacteria-derived secretomes on epithelial cell and macrophage immune activity

Strategies to promote immune defences against COVID-19 infection are urgently needed. The gastrointestinal tract is a potentially important route for COVID-19 infection and for generating protective anti-viral immunity against this pathogen. Certain features of COVID-19 contribute to its ability to evade and subvert our immune defences. Type I interferon is a key immune protein that shuts down viral replication during virus infections.

A data-driven framework for integrating visual inspection into injection moulding pipeline

Recent advances in machine vision has led to new opportunities for automating that entire manufacturing pipeline. Consider, for example, the situation where an unattended computer vision system inspects the widget and decides whether or not to discard it. Even this little amount of automation can save many hundreds of person-hours on a typical factory floor. While for simple designs, we now have automated inspection methods relying upon lasers, 3D scanning or other imaging modalities that can decide if a widget has any defect. For complex designs, this ability remains elusive.

Pneumatic Based Clean Powering Options for Buses

This project aims to develop a pneumatic (compressed air) powertrain to be used in a 40-feet bus for municipal transit and school buses. Since the transportation sector is one of the prior contributors of Canada?s GHG emissions ( 24%), any alternative solutions to conventional vehicles carries significant importance to reach the GHG target that Canada promised under Paris agreement. Due to the nature-friendly characteristic of the developed system, it may contribute to achieving the GHG emissions target.

Analysis and optimization of a novel thermal storage system for ground-source heat pumps

Researchers at Ontario Tech University are collaborating with McClymont and Rak geotechnical engineers to develop a new sustainable thermal storage technology that addresses the main challenges that have prevented geothermal heating and cooling systems from being adopted in a meaningful way in Ontario. An innovative storage medium, based on a construction slurry, will be developed and used in the underground thermal storage, and coupled to a geothermal heat pump to provide high-efficiency and clean building heating and cooling.

Probiotic lactic acid bacteria-derived secretome impact on intestinal epithelial and antigen-presenting cells: determining effects on immunometabolic and epigenetic reprogramming in the context of cell interactions

While intestinal bacteria are increasingly understood to be important for maintaining health, many questions remain about how probiotic bacteria act to influence the immune system. We have previously found that one of these bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus R0011, produces mediators able to influence communication between intestinal epithelial cells and antigen-presenting cells, cell types important for our immune defences.

Safe and Low-cost Robot Grasping through Impedance Control and Deep Learning

Grasping skill is significant in modern service robot that requires interaction with object under manipulation. Grasping of a new object is a trivial task for human operator while it is challenging for robot manipulators. Inspired by the grasping process of human operators, grasping control algorithms based on the integration of vision, tactile sensing. Deep learning, as an emerging technique successfully applied in many areas will be utilized to combining the advantages of both vision and tactile sensing.

Addressing peer-related variables in failure to comply charges of youth

In Canada, failures to comply with court-ordered conditions are one of the most common criminal charges faced by youth. Some evidence has identified factors that contribute to breaching conditions, such as the number of conditions and length of time under them, but there is currently no research addressing how peers and co-accused youth affect youths’ failure to comply. Peer delinquency is a strong predictor of other types of delinquency (e.g.

Developing novel varieties of canola, rice and alfalfa with improved cell wall characteristics

Biobased products, mostly derived from plant biomass, have the potential to improve the sustainability of Canada’s natural resources and environmental quality while competing economically. Plant biomass, composed primarily of cell walls and modification of cell wall properties has the potential to improve biomass conversion to biobased products such as biofuels as well as improve feedstock quality in forage crops. Progress towards achieving this goal is currently impeded by a lack of knowledge of how cell walls are assembled and how their structure affects the processing of biomass.

The effects of One to Zero Technique on neural function, health and well-being

The one-to-Zero (OTZ) Tension Adjustment is a chiropractic technique which corrects articular dysfunction of the articulation between the skull and the top vertebrae of the neck, also called the atlas. The goal of this study is to determine whether correcting dysfunction using OTZ affects brain processes and overall health and well-being. Participants will complete questionnaires relating to health and well-being before and after treatment.

Analysis of the e-bike dynamics and cyclist interaction with road vehicles that influence safety

The automotive industry has recognized electric bike use as an integral part of the urban mobility of the future. To promote mass adoption of the integration of electric bikes with cars, the user perception of safety has to be improved. The objective of the proposed study is to investigate how aerodynamics and anxiety levels of cyclists influence the interaction of cyclists with other road vehicles and the impact on safety. To achieve this objective, studies will be conducted under controlled conditions in a full-scale climatic wind tunnel. Field studies will also be conducted on urban roads.