The impact of women-led market networks on the sustainability of global fish

My proposed project intends to investigate the export of dagaa (dried fish) from the African Great Lakes to Canada. My research examines the ecological impacts, the consumption patterns, and sustainability of both ends of the dried fish value chain. This builds on my doctoral research which looked at the sustainability of fisheries-based livelihoods on Lake Tanganyika. Now I wish to expand this to Lake Victoria, the borders of which are shared by Tanzania, Congo, Uganda and Kenya, and to include in the analysis, the economic activities of sub-Saharan African migrants to Canada.

Achieving Community-Based Data Sovereignty

The intern will work with Kwusen Research & Media, a consulting company based in Victoria, B.C., to conduct an assessment of Kwusen's research approaches and software. Kwusen works closely with Indigenous communities across western Canada to provide up-to-date and accurate information about their lands and resources, as well as any potential impacts to these resources as a foundation for free, prior, and informed consent. The intern will conduct informal interviews with Kwusen's clients to elicit feedback on Kwusen's research and software services.

Addressing Barriers in the Use of Wearable Medical Devices by Ontario Seniors

Why do some users, particularly seniors, refuse to wear a medical device which tracks their vital signs with the aim of improving their health? This is not a strictly medical issue, rather the motivations behind deciding not to wear a medical device regardless of the health benefits is a problem which can be investigated by social scientists.

Nurturing Good Beginnings: Evaluating and Assessing the YWCA’s community care program for new mothers/birthing parents

The YWCA aims to evaluate, through partnership with McMaster University, the impact of Good Beginnings, a program providing support for mothers/birthing parents who are vulnerable, precarious, and at-risk for postpartum depression. The program provides service for approximately 70 postpartum people and their babies annually, for a total of 500 people since 2014. During these six years, the YWCA has collected entrance, mid, and exit data from program participants.

Inclusivity in Canadian Educational System

Karine Coen-Sanchez’ research draws on unscrambling anti-racism to reinforce policies and structures in universities, schools, and in teaching methods to provide the space for Black and racialized students to integrate and increase High School Graduation and Post-Secondary Participation, and remove Barriers to Career Advancement for Marginalized Groups. Karine Coen-Sanchez’ research goal is to narrow the gap between the need for academic research and community impact.

Sa?nya?ola Project: Being Creative Together-Indigenous Language Revitalization in BC

This Indigenous language revitalization project consists of four sub-projects that together have the potential to significantly support the revitalization of Kwak'wala: the language of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nations. Exploring the vital link between Indigenous holistic wellness and language revitalization will be a central theme of the project.

STRATUM: A Digital Field Notes Tool for Archaeologists

Under the Lab2Market Program, the intern will develop and test a field notes tool called STRATUM to alleviate stresses caused by documentation in the field.

Leveraging lessons learned from the front lines to inform policy and practice in hospital and community healthcare settings in the context of COVID-19

Among the many significant effects of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), Vancouver General Hospital’s (VGH) Department of Psychiatry has observed the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of patients and providers. These circumstances have created unprecedented demand for decisive and rapid action to avert hospital admissions related to mental health, maximize efficiency within hospitals in the context of physical distancing requirements, and improve wrap around care in partnership with community-based psychiatrists and family physicians.

Evaluating the Impact of Cannabis Legalization in Canada on Risk-Taking Behaviours

The proposed research will focus on changes in cannabis use patterns and sources of supply following cannabis legalization, and on how these changes produce and/or reduce cannabis-related harm. The research will involve statistical analyses of Statistic Canada’s National Cannabis Survey (NCS). Some key areas of consideration will be: cannabis-impaired driving, cannabis dependence, and youth cannabis use.

COVID-19 and System Responses to Homelessness

This project will build on system mapping that has been started by our partner organization, The Alliance to End Homelessness (Ottawa), to understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on the homeless population in Ottawa, including gaps in services and barriers in accessing services, and innovations that are happening to enable more effective services.