Diabetes Tele-Monitoring for Older People via the Use of BlackBerries and Tablet PCs

In this project, 10 older patients who have uncontrolled diabetes will use wireless technology including a blood glucose monitor and a Blackberry or a Tablet PC to transmit their blood glucose readings from home to two nurses working at a private homecare company. These patients will transmit their blood glucose readings approximately three times a day during two 3]month phases, the total duration of the study period being 6 months. Throughout, patientsf blood glucose levels will be monitored by the two nurses.

Analysis of Katzie Archaeological Lithic Collections

This project will involve the analysis of a collection of stone artifacts retrieved from a recent archaeological excavation conducted by the Katzie Development Corporation and Katzie First Nations members at a very signification archaeological site located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. The artifacts will be classified according to their technological and functional characteristics and the results of this data gathering process will be used to interpret the nature of occupation and social structure at the archaeological site.