Evolutionary Significance of Hybrid Zones on Avian Biodiversity from the Neotropics

Tropical forests house an exceptionally high biological diversity and despite great interest in factors that might drive the formation of high species richness, little is understood about how this diversity arose. In the Neotropics, rivers appear to delimit the geographic ranges of closely related avian species, and are generally believed to have been important in in promoting species formation by acting as dispersal barriers to populations on either side.

Biomolecular Structure Analysis to Accelerate Development of New Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibodies

Manufacturing of consistently high quality products is the commitment of pharmaceutical industry. To achieve this, new products must be thoroughly tested and the results meet government-approved product specifications. Improving existing and adopting improved analytical technologies for product testing ensure the production of safe and effective products. This is particularly critical for the manufacturing of biologic products which, relative to small molecular drugs, have a larger size, are more complex in structure and are thus more difficult to characterize.

Violacein effects in mice Rho 264.7 cells

Violacein is a molecule naturally produced in some bacteria such as Chromobacterium violaceum. It has been shown that violacein has promising antibiotic, anti-tumor proliferation, anti-leishmanial and anti-fungal properties. Violacein is commercially available. However, it is very expensive. The objective of this proposed research study is to measure the effects of violacein produced by Escherichia coli on mice Rho 264.7 cells. Over a four month period the intern will use biotechnology techniques to accomplish the objective of this project.

Improvement of Quality and Efficacy of Natural HealthProducts & Dietary Supplement

The overall goal of this project is for the University science team at the University of Ottawa and University of New Brunswick to develop high quality Echinacea products for Canadian and world markets in collaboration with Amway Canada. One objective involves phytochemical and pharmacological selection and propagation of elite Echinacea from the historic Echinacea germplasm available at Amway’s Trout Lake Farm. A second objective is to develop evidence based marketing information on the improved Echinacea.

Assessing marine mammal presence in and near the FORCE Lease Area during winter and early spring – addressing baseline data gaps and sensor performance

The collection of baseline data on marine mammal use of tidal energy sites prior to Tidal In stream Energy Conversion (TISEC) deployments is considered vital in any subsequent post-deployment assessment of changes in marine mammal activity levels or spatial use. The proposed project involves the deployment of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) devices (hydrophones) for an assessment of marine mammal presence in the Minas Passage and FORCE test area during the winter and early spring period of 2013/2014.

Community dynamics in restored salt marshes

Salt marshes are important coastal ecosystems as they provide many services to surrounding areas. However, due to their highly productive nature, they have a long history of being converted into farmland in the Maritimes and continue to be altered for human development. Salt marsh restoration has become popular recently to mitigate the increasing societal costs associated with rising ocean levels, as well as to increase amount of suitable habitat for various waterfowl species.

Blood and nasal biomarkers of Cat-SPIRE Efficacy

The Cat-SPIRE vaccine reduces symptoms in those who suffer from cat allergy. Two interns will work on complementary projects that will evaluate blood and nasal biomarkers of Cat-SPIRE efficacy. One trainee will examine changes to the DNA in special immune cells called dendritic cells, isolated from blood. The other trainee will examine markers of inflammation in the nose.

Développement d'un produit podiatrique à base de cellulose couplée à des peptides antimicrobiens pour le contrôle des pathogènes du pied diabétique

On estime dans le monde que plus de 285M de personnes sont atteintes de diabète. Cette maladie et ses complications représentent un énorme fardeau financier pour le système de santé (et les compagnies d’assurance). D’ici 2020, les coûts reliés au diabète et sa prise en charge atteindront 16,9 milliards $ par année au Canada. Actuellement, 2,3M de Canadiens sont atteints de cette maladie et environ 345 000 développeront un ulcère diabétique au niveau des pieds.

Modeling water temperatures in the Fraser River watershed network

Rising river temperatures, partly driven by land-use and climate warming, threaten the future of Fraser River salmon. It is vital that fisheries managers acquire tools that will aid their understanding of how rising river temperatures will impact salmon in the Fraser River. With my industry partner, I will build a novel mathematical temperature model for the Fraser River. My model will incorporate existing water temperature data, land-use, and the direction of flow to predict water temperatures.

Assessing Borrelia infection in dogs to determine the risk of Lyme disease in New Brunswick

To assess people’s risk of contracting Lyme disease in New Brunswick we will test 700 dogs for antibodies to the bacterium that causes the disease. Lyme disease is caused by infection with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, generally transmitted through a tick bite. Lyme disease is a debilitating disease and the risk of contracting it is increasing in in New Brunswick as well as through the rest of Canada. Because diagnosis of Lyme disease is difficult in humans, we are using dogs as a sentinel species.