Market and Technology Roadmap Validation Framework for Software Services

Founding a technology startup company is never an easy endeavor. There are major challenges on both the technology side and the business/commercialization side. For Tutela Technologies Ltd. it appears that the commercial validation of the technologies invented is proving to be the largest challenge. The initial internship and research will focus directly on Tutela Technologies Ltd. Tutela’s case will be used to create a framework and roadmap for establishing commercializing success and focusing R&D activities.

Understanding Organizational Routine Evolution and Change in Healthcare: The case of CPOE Use at The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital is implementing a new information technology application system, or Clinical Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system. The students will model and study all aspects of the operational routines that are affected by the technology introduction and investigate how these routines evolve and change through simulation modeling.

A Meta-Analysis of Workplace Wellness Programs and the Impact of Sun Life Financial’s HealthyRETURNS Health & Wellness program on Employee Health, Productivity and Organizational Costs

A recent meta-analysis of wellness program research literature, phase 1 of the project described in this proposal, suggests that wellness programs reduce absenteeism, resulting in an average savings of $251 per employee per year. These results are similar to those of a team from Harvard University, whose findings suggest a return on investment (ROI) of $3.27 for every dollar invested in wellness programs. Thus, programs which generate strong employee health outcomes may also generate substantial savings for the employer, thereby supporting a business case for workplace wellness strategies.

Export Marketing & Needs Analysis for Solanum Genomics Int’l Inc. (SGII)

This project will help Solanum Genomics International determine the export potential of one its technologies for improving potatoes. The commercial opportunity for this technology lies in improving the potato by increasing its genetic variability through a process called somaclonal variation. By understanding the market and its needs - knowing what traits the market is interested in, this technology can be used to select and clone for those traits and ensure a product with a market identified. The end result being an identified market for one of Solanum’s technologies.

Research & Develop Online Tools for Climate Change Mitigation Services in Developing Countries

Through this Mitacs initiative, the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, and OEA Technologies, Inc., will cooperatively research and develop online and social media tools that facilitate delivery of professional environmental services in developing countries. OEA Technologies’ specific interests are climate-change related oceanographic services and small-island developing states. “Innovation and diversification are not optional for ocean technology companies”, says Dr. Brian Whitehouse, president of OEA Technologies, Inc.

Addressing Racism in Toronto

Addressing Racism in Toronto’’ is a one-year project to be conducted by Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR). The aim of this community-based research venture is to identify issues of access, equity and inclusion for two highly vulnerable and marginalized groups in Toronto: the Somali Canadian community and racialized LGBTQ persons who are homeless.

In-Place Technology Platform

The In-Place Technology Platform project with N. Chandolias and Alkemie Atelier, under the supervision of Dr P. Shrivastava addresses the problem of how people in everyday as well as rehearsed situations can use site-specific media to enrich public spaces: “place-making.” Alkemie will be able to develop specific projects for artist groups that can co-design meaningful in-place userexperiences.

Commercialization of Exro Technologies’ VIEG Technology

The aim of the internship is to develop strategies for commercialization of radical, generic technologies developed by Exro in the area of clean technology. They have developed and patented. a variable input electrical generator that could be very efficiently used in producing electricity for undetermined electricity generation levels from clean tech sources like wind turbine and wave turbines. This internship will apply technology management techniques to inform the commercialization strategy of Exro Technologies.

CMBS iReport

DBRS CMBS team plans to implement a new product called "CMBS iReport". The product will provide users with a complement of market and property specific data in a highly interactive and accessible interface. The project will involve collect CMBS market data and identify the key factors (demographic factors, macro-economic factors, and loan specific data) that can explain loss severities for CMBS transactions and provide insights to CMBS market stakeholders.

The Role of Public Participation in Identifying Stakeholder Synergies in Renewable Energy Project Development: the Case Study of Ontario, Canada

Over the past several decades, the scope of decision-making in the public domain has changed from a focus on unilateral regulatory verdicts to a more comprehensive process that engages all stakeholders. Consequently, there has been a distinct increase in public participation in the environmental decision-making process. While the potential benefits of public engagement are substantial in terms of identifying synergies between public and industry stakeholders that encourage project development, this participation does not come without its challenges.