Accelerating Solar/LED Community Lighting

This project with the nature of business research tends to talk about LED development and variable applications, specifically about solar/LED at the community public lighting, complying with the roadway lighting design code approved by the city of London, ON and relevant professional bodies. The content analysis of main LED suppliers and LED industry, together with evaluating the results of completed pilot LED cases will provide constructive suggestions on the creation of a solar/LED street lighting system for smart communities.

Corporate Residency Business Analyst

CarbonCure Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2007 to spur a market shift towards affordable green concrete. The company has built durable industry partnerships, with plant installations across North America. The CarbonCure innovation permanently absorbs waste CO2 into precast concrete, creating an innovative green building material and giving producers a clear competitive advantage. The Mitacs research project will primarily focus on helping transition CarbonCure's technology from a pre-commercial to a commercial phase, by providing business administration and marketing related support.

Leading Transformational Multi-Jurisdictional Change: Managing Mental Health in the Community

Police organizations are facing increasing costs associated with an escalating number of calls to respond to persons with mental illness (PMI). The processes currently in place to manage mental health in the community contribute significantly to the costs associated with law enforcement involvement in PMIs. The existing process is driven by the Mental Health Act and requires a collaborative effort from police and healthcare services.

Redefining Agri trends for a better future

BC potato industry is facing a burning problem of finding low value for its second grade potatoes. The sponsor, Heppells Potato Corp, being the largest producer of potatoes in BC is facing the same problem of finding optimized value for its second grade potatoes. Currently these potatoes are just culled. But the market value of these potatoes is equivalent to 10 - 20% of the whole farm's revenue. Hence they are exploring other options to process and commercialize these potatoes.

Innovation to Commercialization Optimization Research Project: What knowledge based tools can help WADE Canada accelerate the suitable deployment of DE technologies?

This research project will address the following question: What knowledge-based tools can help WADE Canada accelerate the suitable deployment of decentralized energy (DE) technologies? The proposed research will contribute to WADE Canada’s mission by:

Employee Engagement Research

The internship project investigates the market feasibility of a new service/product offering and the existing organizational capacity to enable such a change to occur. Assist with the strategy and business plan development for what form this offering should take shape, either as an intrapreneurial initiative or a separate entity. The project will also adapt and advance lean startup methodologies (e.g. Lean Launch Pad) and design thinking for comparative scenario analysis and strategic planning.

Deconstructing the Borromean Trinity of Free/Libre and Open Source Software Development: A Case Study at Savoir-Faire Linux

Savoir Faire Linux (SFL), a leading open source software solutions provider, operates within the free, libre and open source software (FLOSS) community. SFL has been successful because it has been able to effectively adapt code developed with the contributions of the FLOSS community to the needs of its clients. At the same time, however, control over such code can considerably limit SFL’s ability to continue to provide solutions for its clients.

Greenville Enterprises Five-Year Strategic Plan

Although it is clear that great opportunities exist for Aboriginal businesses, there is a distinct need for formalized research findings and knowledge dissemination about Aboriginal organizations and the role that they can play in creating sustainable economies. In an attempt to address this research gap research institutions and analysts are building a body of literature that documents the development, growth, and daily operations of some of these successful Aboriginal organizations.

Minimizing the Impacts and Maximizing the Benefits of Marine Shipping Activities for Arctic Communities Through the Use of Traditional Knowledge

Interest in Arctic shipping is growing as sea ice is melting and as other industries are developing. An increase in shipping presents risks to both the natural environment (from the movement of ships and the products that they carry) and to the local communities that rely on those healthy environments for food and other products. However, the local Inuit people in Nunavut also hold a certain body of knowledge referred to as Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ).

Financial Governance and Modelling for Coastal Shellfish Corporation Strategic Plan

The purpose of this project is to provide Coastal Shellfish Corporation with an integrated biological and financial modelling framework for the management of current and future aquaculture operations of the corporation. The primary goal of this research is to provide a framework for implementation to the management of CSC that will enable to organization to implement best practices for biological and financial modelling for coastal shellfish aquaculture at farm-scale level.