Green Technology – the Role the Municipal Government Can Play

Despite being in a natural environment for success, Vancouver’s green technology industry has yet to take‐off. The Vancouver Economic Development commission, as part of its mandate, is seeking ways to help existing businesses and make policy recommendations to the City of Vancouver with regards to the green technology sector. The research project being undertaken focuses on determining the key opportunities for the green technology industry in Vancouver at the municipal level.

Estimation of required efforts for information technology projects

The general objective of this research project is to enable a consulting firm to produce more accurate estimates for information technology (IT) projects. More specifically, the general objective consists of two sub-objectives, namely to: (1) determine the causes of estimation errors in the needs-analysis phase of IT projects; and (2) use new tools to correct such causes of error, thereby reducing the gap between current estimates and accurate appraisals.

Social and Environmental Purchasing Portal

The intent of this internship is to undertake the research necessary to enable Vancity to develop a social and environmental purchasing portal. The target audience will be Vancity staff via their existing intranet, Insite. The research will focus on Vancity’s peer and micro-entrepreneurs, their social enterprises and its ‘green’ business members. The idea is to provide staff with a tool to help inform their purchasing habits for both corporate discretionary spending as well as personal buying.

Managing a New, Reduced Iron Steelmaking Process: Operations, Finance and the Risk of Patent Litigation

HATCH, an engineering consulting firm, owns the patent on a continuous steel processing technology that close-couples traditional steel processing with an innovative approach. Regression analysis will be conducted on a patent litigation data set to estimate the probability of patent litigation in the steel industry and forecast potential litigation costs.

New Business Development: Food Service Applications for Earthcycle Packaging

Market segmentation, research and analysis for a potentially significant new product line to be developed by Earthcycle Packaging. An opportunity exists to market and distribute compostable/biodegradable plates to certain food service segments such as airlines, hospitals and other institutions, and restaurants. The internship will focus on dissecting these markets to evaluate the business decision and establish metrics for competing products moving forward.

Measuring the Value of eHealth

Technology in today’s healthcare system. eHealth is the term used to describe this technology. The research performed will build a model to help determine the value of financial savings and customer service that can be attained by implementing eHealth within varying regions with varying degrees of existing information technology. The information for this model will come from existing financial data and by surveying users of the healthcare system, patients. This study will assist in deciding whether eHealth is a worth while investment in a particular region and if so, what its value is.

Organization Evolution Strategy

Kintama Research has a successful history as a scientific and research company, during which it has developed a great deal of proprietary intellectual property, not just in its technologies, but also in the methodologies of its research and consulting practices. However, that intellectual property relies on the expertise of its senior staff. The company needs to be able to plan for product commercialization, management and engineering succession planning, and the creation of lasting shareholder value.

Stochastic Portfolio Theory Applications

Mainly developed by Robert Fernholz, the stochastic portfolio theory is a framework used to analyze market structure, evaluate and optimize portfolio performance and build portfolios with controlled behavior. The internship aims at implementing and testing various asset allocations developed within the framework of the stochastic portfolio theory in order to supply Desjardins Gestion internationale d’actifs with new tools in its search for efficient investment strategies.

Identifying Marketing Opportunities for New Cancer Detection Products, LungSign(TM) and OralAdvance(TM)

The interns will conduct marketing research to design, develop and deliver an integrated marketing plan for two new cancer detection products, called LungSign™ and OralAdvance™. Each intern will conduct a competitive analysis using visual tools in order to identify underutilized market opportunities. Based on the analysis, the interns will deliver recommendations for a marketing mix and communications plan and design a creative strategy for increased use of these early detection products.

European market analysis for SpeechBobble Inc.

The intern will undertake research with SpeechBobble, a start-up company that focuses on social computing data analysis. The goal of the internship is to perform an extensive analysis on social computing in Europe. This entails mapping out the current status of social computing by determining what factors impact adoption and usage of social computing and whether or not there are significant differences between the various countries.