The Local Food Economy: Economics and Significant Gaps

Vancouver is a city that is rich in history and is recognized not only as a premiere city, it continually ranks among the worlds best. The city’s diverse breadth of employment, activities and people has vastly influenced the way food is grown, consumed and celebrated. Strategic infrastructure investment, one of the guiding principles championed by the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, has inspired the development of this study. It is crucial that the food industry maintains its integrity given the importance to other related industries in the Lower Mainland.

CMBS Sensitivity Analysis

This work can serve as the foundation of relative value strategies and portfolio sensitivity analysis. This project research on building a strategy for analyzing the sensitivity of mortgage backed securities (MBS) pool pricing to changes in financial market and underlying security characteristics, such as the property value of the underlying real estate. There is a large database including real estate property location, real estate price indices by region and property type, as well as mortgage security pool information.

Starworks (Developing Disability Association) New Market Potential

The intern will conduct literature review and database queries to locate new industries for Starworks (social enterprise of the Developmental Disabilities Association) to target marketing of their assembly services (tradeshow bag stuffing, test kit assembly, product re]labeling, etc). The intern will then conduct email and telephone surveys to measure willingness to pay and fit with Starworks abilities. Two industries will be selected and local firms selected for in]depth interviews to understand potential customer specific needs and barriers to use.

Asian Market Strategic Management Study for Coastal Contacts

The objective of this research project is to formulate a sustainable, profitable expansion strategy for Coastal Contacts Inc. to penetrate the Asian market for online distribution of its vision care products. The immediate problem facing Coastal lies in the development of a sound e-commerce penetration strategy unique to China. Coastal looks to develop a strategic model that will initially be executed in China, then subsequently applied to additional Asian markets as resources permit.

Economic Assessment of Marine Infrastructure in Western Newfoundland ¨C A Community-Based Approach

The Association of Canadian Port Authorities has determined that marine-related infrastructure is essential for Canada, and in particular, Newfoundland and Labrador, to sustain a competitive advantage in the global economy. International trade is expected to triple by 2020, much of it transported by ship. There is a growing need for ports to have correct equipment, technology, and trained personnel to provide a seamless transportation chain, and eliminate congestion and resulting cost increases along the supply chain (Industry Information, 2007).

Market Analysis and Growth Strategy for Location-based Content

This project will attempt to validate the presence of a market for location-based user generated content that users would experience with a GPS equipped smartphone. The target markets' demographics and psychographics will be identified in order to find the most appropriate ways to address the market. A marketing plan will detail the methods for connecting with potential users. Different means of monetizing this user-generated content will be researched and an appropriate method will be suggested based on compatibility with the demographic.

Transitioning Mental Health and Addictions Organizations toward Web-based Electronic Solutions

The overall aim of this internship is to conduct a thorough search of the Ontario‐based mental health and addictions organizations, agencies and community‐based organizations and identify the initiatives by the Ministries to enable implementation of CareNotes‐ a web‐based electronic patient record (EPR) solution. Understanding the technology and workflow assessment where such solutions need to be incorporated will enable The Halifax Group to position the CareNotes solution to address the needs of maintaining life‐long health information of mental health patients.

CIO to CEO – Barriers and Opportunities

This study will attempt to determine whether a model or path can be derived for CIOs who are interested in transitioning to a CEO position. The analysis will support potential similarities and gaps in current CIO leadership profile as compared to CEOs. In addition, personal interviews and surveys will be conducted with CEOs who were previously CIOs. The combined study will help determine if a model/path can be determined from these case examples.

The Development and Validation of a Workforce Diversity Scale

In the current study we aim to develop a comprehensive tool that will enable Canadian employers to identify the existing barriers to diversity in their organizations and solutions to address those barriers. The goal is to provide a comprehensive, quantifiable assessment of attitudes and perceptions about diversity and diversity practices at different organizational levels. Such an assessment can help employers to find the sources of resistance and compliance to diversity in their organizations and target those sources in their attempt to implement diversity into their workforce.

Investigation of Sustainability Strategies for Battle Harbour Historic Site

The proposed research project that will be undertaken by the intern will be a six (6) month on the basic operations of the Battle Harbour Historic Trust.