Defining a Business Strategy for MDIT Innovation’s Clinical Management Software

Clinical Management Software (CMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are key components of today’s life sciences and healthcare organizations. They are particularly relevant to Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) used in the development of pharmaceuticals. The collection and management of patient information in CTMS is facilitated through Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, which can coordinate vast amounts of detailed statistics and reduce the costly expenditures of poor quality data and the delays associated with resolving inconsistencies. MDIT Innovations Inc.

Project Blue Sky

Project Blue Sky is a website and data entry widget that was created through a partnership with the Province of BC, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Masters of Digital Media students at the Great Northern Way Campus. Its goal is to encourage individuals to avoid driving and pledge that carbon reduction against the 2010 Winter Games indirect carbon footprint.

Spinal Cord Injury

The Centre for Operations Excellence (COE) at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia (UBC) was asked by the Spinal Cord Injury Solutions Network (SCISN) and The Rick Hansen Foundation to participate in the early stages of planning a Canada wide, long term, multi-year project (LT Project) that will evaluate alternative methods for managing spinal cord injury care through simulation experiments. The COE will carry out a pilot study with the goal of producing recommendations for the planning and execution of the LT Project.

Exploring Methodologies for Probabilistic Scenario Analysis at Boeing

The Centre for Operations Excellence (COE) at the Sauder School of Business at UBC will collaborate with Boeing Commercial Airplanes through its BC based subsidiary AeroInfo Systems to assess methodologies to allow for analysis of plausible scenarios of the future global business environment. The methodologies would provide a means for what‐if testing to describe the effects of scenarios on the demand for commercial aircraft, and Boeings order book in particular.

Developing a Carbon Strategy for Publicly Held Canadian Forest Products Company

The objectives are to determine to what extent a carbon strategy can add to the value of a publicly held Canadian forest products firm, what form that would take, and what conditions would be required to implement. The project will begin with an environmental scan of economic, technological, political]legal, and societal trends that are occurring in the broader context. The focus will then be turned to identify the opportunities available and the company's core competencies (strengths) to take advantage of these opportunities.

Exploring the Role that Science and Technology Play in Regional Productivity Differences Using New Metrics

Problems associated with measuring scientific and technological advances make it difficult to determine the impact of R&D on scientific advancement, technical change and ultimately productivity and output. Our research uses new publication-based measures of technical and scientific change to: (1) quantify the importance of R&D and determine the strength of these relationships, (2) document differences between the US and Canada, as well as different regions (states, provinces and mega-regions), and (3) explore whether the variations are linked to regional productivity gaps.

StepWise: Using New Technology to Connect First Nations Youth for Friendship and Fitness

StepWise originated as a project created for the FOBIT (Faculty of Business Information Technology) event at the University Centre, February 28, 2008. Subsequently the project won 1st place for Best New Health-Related Idea in the 2008 IDC Ideas Competition. The StepWise concept involves a novel and unique usage of dance pads and free downloadable dance software. Although dance gaming technology has existed for some time, it has not previously been used to connect youth with each other via a webcam and web connection. PacifiConnections Inc.

Opportunities in BC to Generate Carbon Offsets from Biomass-based Renewable Energy

The focus of this project is an estimation of the potential in BC for economically viable biomass-based renewable energy projects capable of generating greenhouse has offsets.

Evaluating the Economic Impact of Greater Victoria's Technology Sector

The objective of this research project is to locate VIATeC (the Victoria Advanced Technology Council), its member companies, and the Greater Victoria technology sector in general in relation to its current strategic environment. Through a review of the literature, surveys, interviews, and focus groups, the researcher will bring answers to the following questions: (1) What is the collective economic impact of the technology©sector companies in the Greater Victoria region and in the province of British Columbia?

Research and Innovation Change Management in the Canadian Construction Industry

The purpose of the internship is to identify the existing status of research and innovation (R&I) processes in the Canadian construction industry. The internship will look at target levels and the extent of research and innovation (R&I) based in part on comparisons elsewhere. The intern will also research the barriers to change and an implementation plan to effect change. Through the research, resources and tools to assist the Canadian construction R&I process will be available, and a change management roadmap and implementation plan will be developed.