The Viability of Telehealth in the Healthcare Ecosystem

In this project, the intern will conduct research while implementing and assessing a pilot program. The intern will be assessing the validity and effectiveness of telehealth services from both the provider and the user perspectives. This research will be pivotal to the partner organization in that it will help form the growth and development strategy for the Cyno virtual health platform on a go forward bases. We will find out critical information regarding the specific healthcare services and their viability in the telehealth world.

Creating an integrated data management platform for food banks to address poverty

The City of Saint John has been facing the generational poverty challenge for decades. The poverty rate in this city is 19.7%, which is more than five percent higher than the average rate of the province (14.5%) and the country (14.4%) [1]. Having access to real-time data of low-income families and people suffering from poverty has also become an issue for government at the local, provincial, and national level. Food banks as one of the best sources to have access to disadvantaged individuals are substantial sources of data to understand and identify challenges of low-income families.

Exploring the drivers of innovation diffusion for Ontario hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are a new crop being explored in Ontario by Ferrero Canada with the potential to reach significant acreage (10,000 hectares). Hazelnuts currently only occupy less than 300 acres in Ontario and this project will investigate how hazelnuts can transition from a niche product to achieve major adoption in Ontario’s farming community.

Online Aboriginal Business Incubator

Online business incubation is a rapidly growing field. For many First Nations entrepreneurs who live in remote locations away from large cities, these online incubators allow access to resources that would otherwise be unavailable. While online incubators are becoming more prevalent, the majority of business incubators still operate through face-to-face methods. As such, there is a need not only for more developed online business incubators, but also online business incubators designed specifically for use by Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

Drive Continuous Innovation Growth in Canada

Many reports have indicated that with the current state of Canada’s science and technology, Canada is not globally competitive in business innovation, and the current state of growth is not sustainable. How to drive continuous innovation growth in Canada?
This proposal centers on three areas: (1) continuous innovation growth in large incumbents, (2) viable business growth from start-ups, and (3) inter-government collaboration on technology and innovation. Our research of the studies on technology and innovation in Canada has identified them as key weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Environmental testing of existing and proposed ropeless fishing system line management methods

The proposed research will examine differences amongst existing and potential alternatives for storing retrievable buoy line/rope on the ocean floor in ropeless fishing systems. Prior research has yet to evaluate respective strengths and weaknesses of alternatives (i.e. spooling, coiling, bagged). The proposed research will test the various methods of rope containment at varying depths and water conditions. It is predicted that loose coiling methods may become tangled and unreleasable in strong underwater currents/tides.

Framework for Enterprise IT DevSecOps Governance to enable Continuous Security

In today’s business context, companies need to release software quickly in order to remain competitive. This requires internal teams to work closely together from the outset. Unfortunately, security is typically considered only at the very end. This means if any issues are discovered by the security team, it requires extensive rework. Typical responses are to bypass security or to consider fixing the issues after releasing the software. Neither one is optimal for managing business risk. A better solution is to include security as part of the collaboration at the outset.

Application of lean construction in small and medium-sized enterprises

Construction SMEs significantly contribute to Canada’s economy. Therefore high productivity within the SMEs is highly beneficial for the development of the country. Building constructions and renovations are everyday occurrences which involve the constant need to improve and readapt business practices to market forces and trends of globalization. Consumers and business owners face problemsduring each project that may result in delayed project delivery or extra cost spending. No one really likes this right?

Embedding Project

The Embedding Project is a public-benefit research project that relies on strong social science research methods to bring together thoughtful sustainability intrapreneurs from across industries and around the world, and harnesses their collective knowledge to develop rigorous and practical guidance that benefits everyone. This internship will offer an MBA student the opportunity to gain experience in both practice and research, while learning from leaders in the field.

Emerging Building Systems and Wood Innovation

The primary objective of this project is to develop and test an innovation feedback platform and methodology that will help the Canadian construction industry overcome significant, industry-wide barriers to innovative uses of wood, and become confident in embracing new ideas, products and processes, thereby advancing the uptake of innovative timber solutions at home and abroad.