Implementation of Tensor Neural Networks

Tensor networks are a quantum inspired technique that provide useful mechanisms for solving hard problems, usually in the realm of quantum mechanics and many-body systems, through the manipulation and operation of tensors. The main challenge underlying this project is the productionalization of a quantum-inspired deep learning algorithm which currently exists as a proof of concept (POC). That POC was specifically built for a single user’s needs, applied to the fair pricing of financial derivatives.

A framework to enhance deep learning systems’ trustworthiness against Out of Distribution examples

In the past decade, deep learning models have demonstrated their highest performance for a variety of tasks. These models outperformed classical machine learning models and even humans in terms of performance and accuracy. However, previous research indicated that these models are vulnerable to out-of-distribution and adversarial inputs. Ideally, these inputs should be rejected by the deep learning model, but the deep learning model generates confident outcomes for it.

Tiresias: Client Private Malware Protection

Tiresias is a client private solution to malware protection and threat intelligence. Tiresias allows a user to put all their incoming files in a cryptographically secure Data Chest locally. After sending the Data Chest to our cloud environment, our AI scans and infers if it is malicious without seeing the actual file content from the Data Chest. This method protects the client data privacy and confidentiality. The Data Chest is a novel research outcome at the Queen’s School of Computing.

A novel phishing detection approach using Fuzzy Logic and Deep Learning

People are switching from traditional shopping to internet commerce as Internet access increases quickly. So nowadays people are becoming more dependent on e-commerce-based websites. On the other hand, instead of robbing businesses like banks and stores, modern thieves now use the anonymous internet architecture to track down their victims online. Hackers are employing new strategies, such as phishing, to deceive their victims by creating fake websites to collect sensitive data, such as account numbers, usernames, and passwords.

Evaluation of a green graphite based LTO battery

With millions of lithium batteries in the marked and billions yet to be, the question is can we produce a battery that can last 100 years, cannot catch fire, work in freezing conditions, charge 10 times faster and yet made from ecofriendly materials like graphite, rubber, wallpaper paste and paper? The answer is yes. Our goal is to attempt to build this novel eco-friendly battery and benchmark it with its equivalent traditionally produced counterpart. We anticipate the ecofriendly battery to perform on par but at a much lower cost of production.

Personalization with Integration of Sensor Signals in Cloud Architecture

$50B of unrealized GDP will occur by 2030 in Canada if the skill gap challenge is not addressed. With the acceleration and uncertainty of a borderless economy, Employers, Educators and Jobseekers will continue to be in constant flux. The greatest cost to Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) is the hiring, skilling and training of new hires, and the cost when they leave after a day or after 30 days.
Recent seismic talent layoffs at the conglomerates of Amazon, Twitter, Facebook have now started this ripple effect and won’t take long to impact SMBs, Jobseeker and Educators.

Predicting Perfect Matches Between Organizations

Successful partnerships between non-profit organizations and funders are fundamental for organizations’ abilities to concentrate on their mission, and for founders to see their philanthropic investments align with their values and make real impacts. Matching founders and organizations has traditionally been done informally through personal connections, networks, and expensive prospecting software and databases. Just like a dating app for philanthropic organizations, Orgmatch matches funders and non-profits together based on attribute-based representations.

Signalling storm attack detection at the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN)

Migrating life-critical applications to wireless networks implies the increasing reliance of our society on continuous network connectivity. However, the sheer scale of networked diverse devices would increase the chance of accidental or intentional attacks. Signaling storm is a type of such attacks causing a denial of service through malicious/compromised devices attempting to attach to the network at a rate of thousands of times per hour. Unfortunately, the existing registration restriction mechanism can be bypassed by the remote exploitation of underlying vulnerabilities.

Advanced Algorithms for Radiation Counting Instruments

Environmental Instruments Canada (EIC) designs and manufactures radiation detectors. Our instruments connect to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.

Classification, affiliation, and deanonymization of cryptocurrency activities

Bloomberg recently reported that theft and embezzlement of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, have become an annual USD $200 million business. Indeed, just between January 2021 and March 2022 investors have lost over US$1 billion in cryptocurrency scams according to the report by the US’s Federal Trade Commission. More than 46,000 people have lost money in crypto fraud since the beginning of 2021, making it the leading source of payment scams. Cryptocurrency has become a vehicle for money laundering, payments for ransomware, illicit activity, and even funding of extremist groups.