Connecting Healthcare Data with the Blockchain

This project focuses on using blockchain technology and smart contracts to manage the health care data access. Blockchain is the distributed ledger based on verified transactions, and the smart contract is the programmable part of the blockchain which can automate more complex transactions. Blockchain provides a secure and durable distributed database to store data accesses and we can automatically grant or revoke access to the users by using smart contracts.

STEAM Robotics for Teachers: How Educators Learn

Teachers are being challenged to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) across the curriculum more frequently and effectively. Many teachers are challenged with these aspects for several reasons. In particular, subject areas are still isolated in British Columbia (BC), and only a few schools truly have STEM/STEAM programs. Secondly, STEM is more often accepted than the “A”. Thirdly, many of the “technology” or “engineering” elements lie outside of the comfort zone of some teachers.

Multi-Perspective Text Analysis of Social Knowledge Networks

Knowledge workers (i.e., researchers, business consultants and analysts, research-program managers) produce documents (research publications, analysis reports, opinion pieces, calls-for-proposals, and blog posts) through which they express their knowledge and opinions. They also read and review similar documents, produced by individuals and organizations in their domain of interest and expertise, to keep current with their domain.

Interactive Mesh-based Volumetric Visualization

Our industrial partner, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc, publishes the first-of-its-kind digital anatomy study and reference app, EasyAnatomy. For this app, dissecting an animal model and see its internals are important facets of the learning experience. Through our research, we will enhance this experience by designing an interactive 3D visualization of an arbitrarily dissected model, and accelerate the graphics rendering for mobile devices; enabling personal, interactive learning experience anytime, anywhere.

Full-body Modeling and Tracking for Embodiment in VR Dark Rides

Real-time full-body tracking based on single or multiple commodity depth sensors are an integral part of many applications such as motion transfer in 3D games, 3D virtual and augmented reality, and human computer interaction. The proposed project directly derives from practical needs expressed by the partner organization, DreamCraft Attractions (Victoria) in developing fully immersive VR dark rides (i.e. for amusement parks).

Enhanced Techniques for History Matching and Forecasting of Petroleum Reservoir Data

History matching refers to calibrating numerical or analytical models by the observed data. However, this task can be very challenging in presence of complex geology and/or many unknown data .
The purpose of this project is to introduce and apply the new techniques for efficient creation of predictive history-matched models for reservoir characterization of conventional and unconventional reservoirs, which can be used for probabilistic forecast and uncertainty quantification.

Macroeconomic Models for Performance and Investigation Prediction

Corporations are under a lot of scrutiny, especially when they annually release their financial reports to the government. If a corporation makes a mistake, or if an employee submits fraudulent information, or if it appears that either is the case, then they risk being asked to amend the filing by the government, which will cause their share price to suffer and force them to painstakingly redo the report at great expense. Caseware will sell software that can analyze these reports and determine if an amendment request is likely.

Research on Robust Face Recognition Algorithms

In recent years, face recognition algorithms based on deep neural networks have achieved human-level performance when tested on face recognition database. However, when put into real-world application, those algorithms are not robust enough, due to factors such as different lighting conditions, camera distance, and face orientations.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management

In the telecommunications industry, many schemas exist to cap or limit bandwidth at certain levels for clients. However, there are no real options available to allow clients to intelligently utilize spare bandwidth above their committed purchase rates. We propose to design, implement and evaluate novel bandwidth allocation mechanisms for high speed networks like the Cybera network. Cybera is a not-for-profit, technology-neutral organization responsible for driving Alberta’s economic growth through the use of digital technology.

Legal Question Answering with Machine Comprehension

ROSS Intelligence enables legal professionals to find analyze legal issues and find hidden information and cuts down on research time by using artificial intelligence specialized in legal research. Recent advances in neural networks applied to
natural language processing have brought results that are close to human performance in some tasks. However, this approach is still nascent in legal research and it has been identified as potentially fruitful.