Designing a Multimodal Transportation Network

This project will develop a mathematical model and computer tools that will minimize transportation and infrastructure costs related to the forest road network, in order to ensure the transport of wood products to receiving plants. The model will consider several decision levels, including the location of transfer yards and the choice of mode of transportation. Constraints will include the storage capacity of terminals and transportation units, and the model will take into account travel distances as well as transportation and handling costs.

Product Distribution to Plants

This project will develop a mathematical model and computer tools that will help with the distribution of products harvested in cutblocks to plants, so as to minimize transportation expenses and the cost of moving forestry equipment. This model will consider the possibility of backhauls, which reduces empty-load transportation. Constraints will include the offer from cutblocks by period and by product, as well as the demand from plants by period and by product. The model will take into account travel distances between each starting point and each destination.

A Support System for Managing Failures of an Electronic Gaming Machine Environment

Computer systems, and in particular hosting servers such as Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM), have become very complex systems, and the requirement for 24/7 service requires fast correction of machine failures. Networks can include several thousands of devices, spread out over a geographic area of thousands of square kilometers. Maintenance and downtime can cost millions of dollars per year.

Light-Weight Problem Determination in DB2

The desire to offer on-demand 24/7 services means there is pressure to quickly identify and resolve problems in a database management system (DBMS). Problem determination tools rely on the existence of sufficient monitoring data to support analysis but monitoring introduces overhead and so causes decreased application performance. The proposed research seeks to provide effective light-weight tools for monitoring and analysis to support problem determination in DBMSs.

Ontology-based Data Integration for Translational Medicine

The project will research advanced theories and applications for the integration of biomedical research data and clinical data from electronic health record databases for the purpose of advancing the state of research and health care. The results of the project will inform the company partner in their strategic move to expand their product palette on software components in support of translational medicine.

Covering Surfaces with Strips

The generalization of the paper maché-like technique of covering surfaces with strips to industrial applications like building shells and ship hulls has not been fully realized. In participate, the problem of covering any curved surface with strips of material has been addressed but not solved in the general case. Most of the applicable research focuses either on using parameterizations that inevitably introduce cutting and/or stretching or using developable surfaces rather than strips.

Executing the Quartz Analysis Engine on a Cell Processor Based Cluster

The aim of this project is to assist Flagstone RE, a global reinsurer in evaluating whether the Quartz Analysis Engine, which is currently running on a conventional cluster, could benefit from being ported to a cluster of cell processors. Improved performance could allow for timely processing of larger data sets, resulting in better prediction accuracy.

Towards Efficient Splog Detection via Local Web Graph Analysis

The aim of the current project is to research ways of dynamically “crawling” the Internet to collect enough information to be able to make a confident conclusion of whether a particular wep-page or blog is spam. This is proposed to be done by continually maintaining a `backbone' subset of the set of all web pages containing the pinging blogs and trusted websites, and doing a minor crawl based on the web page that is to be analyzed.

Diageo Fleet Utilization

Canadian Pacific Logistics Solutions, a company specializing in delivering performance solutions to supply chains, logistics or facility management problems, is partnering with an intern from the University of Lethbridge to analyze the delivery of whiskey by railroads. This project will analyze a bulk liquid whiskey rail car fleet and determine the number of cars needed on a quarterly basis for each origin and destination pair.

A Study of Network Traffic for Attack Modelling and Simulation

The rapid propagation of Internet into nearly every aspect of our daily life, together with the increase in volume and sophistication of network attacks, puts a special emphasis on the security of network systems. Currently, security modeling and simulation is one of the widely acknowledged methods for network security evaluation. However, in spite of its fundamental role, the information and communication security domain still lacks the sound and comprehensive tools for assessment of network system state.