Mexico-Cuba Bilateral Relations After El Bache: The Role of International Visual Art Exhibitions.

During my 12-week stay in Mexico City I aim to obtain and analyze archival material pertinent to the exhibition Cuba: Imagen y Posibilidad, a large Cuban photographic exhibition viewed by three million visitors to Mexico City's Galerias Abiertas de las Rejas de Chapultepec during 2009. This exhibition is central to my doctoral research, as it outlines the complexities of Cuba-Mexico bilateral relations as established through the' employment of international visual art exhibitions.

The Paternity Crisis and the Other Side of Turkish Modernity

My research project presents a unique perspective on the Turkish experience of modernity from the side of the discredited, disavowed and repressed, and thus contributes to a better understanding (and to a better identification of the failures) of the modernization in Turkey that predominated much of the twentieth century. It does this through an exploration of paternity crisis that hinges upon the traumatic inception of modernity.