Innovation, Design, and Development of a Novel Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Prevention Device

Sleep-related breathing disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, can be life threatening. Although solutions
exist to treat these disorders, like Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and oral appliances including
Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs), there are several issues relating to cost, comfort, and convenience
with the products that are on the market today.

Treaty 7 Women’s Research Initiative

The goal of the CFT7 Womens Research initiative is to discover labour market interests of Indigenous women within the Treaty Seven territory. The objective for the interns will be to assist the project coordinator with the development of a questionnaire that will be used to gather information from the Treaty Seven communities. The interns will also help to scan the labour market to identify employers who will provide future employment for programs created as a result of the research attained through this initiative.

Printing Ideas: Prototyping Interior Design Solutions with 3D Printers

This research attempts to find the best 3D printing technology and 3D printing material (filament) that matches with a local urban community’s demand for customized interior design solutions, including furniture, tailored walls, personalized partitions, lamps and decorative elements. By investigating proper hardware and technology for public use, this research will foster the culture of creativity and will help communities find 3D printable solutions to improve the quality of their built environment.

Circular Design with Local Marginalized Sewing Collective

The intern is undertaking a research project on sustainability in the textile industry, and how to make the process not linear, but rather circular, so we can consider what happens to clothing at the end of its life. This research will be useful and beneficial for the partner organization, as the organization has a social enterprise consisting of a group of women who sew as a form of income generation. This livelihood program is now seeking to expand its offering to include sustainability and will benefit from the knowledge produced in this research project.

Building a Mobile Application to identify Improve Searching for Living Arrangements

This research seeks to inform the development of, and fully test and develop a mobile application designed to improve the process in which students’ find accommodation and roommates. I will develop wireframes and ask users to provide feedback on how to improve the platform. Then I will take the information collected to develop a prototype that can successfully match students based on preferences to help them in selecting a roommate.

Design and Development of the Mortgauge Payout Evaluator API

At Mortgauge, we want to make it easier for Canadians to build wealth as homeowners. Through this project, we will research and develop enhancements to our Payout Evaluator tool in order to further empower our users to act on opportunities to save on mortgage rates or leverage their home equity to build wealth. We will then build out an API framework that enables us to amplify the reach of these insights in collaboration with our referral partners by making our tools easily integratable into their infrastructure.

Cozy Games and Character-Driven Narratives as an Effective Tool for Pediatric Voice Therapy

This project explores the development of new media and technology to aid speech-language pathologists (SLPs) specializing in voice therapy. Existing vocal therapy resources lack effective game interactivity and compelling character-driven narratives, both of which are known to increase motivation and engagement in learning. Clinicians do not have the expertise or know-how to utilize game mechanisms in the media they are developing, nor are they experts in the realm of story, fantasy and experiential learning.

Innovation in Tax Filing: Identifying Barriers and Increasing Access

Federal and provincial governments use the tax system to establish eligibility and deliver benefits and credits to low-income Canadians. Low-income Canadians experience increased barriers to filing their taxes and thus do not maximize available benefits. This is likely to have worsened as free in-person tax clinics closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic or only provide services virtually and as a result become inaccessible for individuals who lack technology and internet access.

User Experience Design of Next-Generation Electronic Pocket Notebook for Law Enforcement Agencies

Mobile note-taking has soon taken over our digital world. With many digital applications offered on computers, mobile devices, and tablets. We want to further improve on this experience for those working in the law-enforcement industry and create an easy, and readily accessible application for police officers’ use. This mobile application will be a productive alternative to the paper and pens that so many are currently using.
Mobile Innovations delivers secure mobile data applications for Law Enforcement to operate on Android, iPhone & Windows.