Experimental and numerical evaluation of the electromagnetic ,mechanical and thermal behaviour of Kimberlite under microwave irradiation

In an environment of high risk and competitive, the mining industry needs continuous innovation and productivity enhancement. One of the major issues with present hard rock deposits is the cyclic mining operation associated with the drill and blast method. Another major obstacle in the extraction and processing of such rocks is the relatively high wear rate on the cutting tools which leads to low rate of penetration and low performance in conventional mechanical hard rock excavation machines.

Wastewater Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Nova Scotia

Although COVID-19 is considered a respiratory illness, the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has been found in the feces of people infected with the virus. It is known that the virus survives longer in the gastrointestinal tract than in the respiratory tract. As such, wastewater has been used to determine the presence of the virus either before someone develops symptoms; receives a positive test result; or is an asymptomatic carrier of the virus.

Stochastic Electrodynamics Simulations using the Xanadu Quantum Cloud

The proposed project investigates an approach to solve difficult physics problems, which are too computationally intensive for standard computers, using Xanadu’s near-term quantum computers. The goal of the project is to create a simulation tool that harnesses the exponential increase in efficiency offered by quantum computers to simulate the movement of particles and the subsequent emitted radiation at the nanometer scale. These simulations could have practical implications for experiments involving optical and laser physics and could lead to further insights concerning atomic behaviour.

Agricultural Multi-Layer Data Fusion to Support Cloud-Based Agricultural Advisory Services

The wor and there is a need to improve food production. Precision Agriculture is known for its use of technology in agriculture with a focus on improving farm productivity while increasing profits and environmental protection. However, as the use of technology in people's daily lives has increased, the same phenomena has been occurring in agriculture. Thus, with more technology, more information can be obtained, and a better understanding of the food production environment is the result.

On-board gaseous fuel compression for low greenhouse gas commercial vehicles

To reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from goods transportation low-carbon fuels can be combined with high-efficiency engine systems. Gaseous fuels such renewable natural gas and hydrogen offer low net GHG emissions from efficient direct-injection engines. These engines use high fuel injection pressures that need to be supplied during operation by a compressor on the vehicle. This project will investigate the technical pathways that could provide the desired fuel pressures.

Optimizing a food wastage stream at the consumer level of the Food Supply Chain through Machine Learning and the Internet-of-Things.

Across the world, one-third of all the food produced yearly—¬¬¬worth $400 billion—is wasted (Bharucha,2017). This project aims to research and develop the accuracy of a machine learning algorithm in order to assess its efficiency in reducing food wastage and making restaurants more profitable.

Investigation of Water-in-Oil Emulsion on CSI Solvent Dissolution and Ex-solution Performance for Heavy Oil

This research work will establish a systematic workflow for analyzing transient equilibrium foamy oil phase behavior by coupling the CCEC tests, depletion rate and presence of water-in-oil emulsion which are seldom performed for heavy oil. It will provide a strong connection and comparison with previously studies which was conducted in the absence of water-in-oil emulsion. It will create a strong connection between phase behavior with fluid properties, operating conditions and kinetics.

Automatic Tracking, Localization, and Action Recognition of Hockey Players, Using Broadcast Videos (Phase 2)

Automatic analysis of sport videos is an attractive research area in computer vision that is driving the sport analytics towards a more technological edge. By automatically analyzing sport videos, lots of information could be drawn that benefits the teams, coaches, referees, players and even the fans, such as: extracting strategy of the game, technique and performance of each individual player, performance of the referee in a competition, and etc. This area of research, although attracted many researchers in the computer vision community, is still in its infancy.

Multi-Season Assessment of Indoor Microbiome and infectious agents to Manual Shading and Dynamic Glass in a Healthcare Environment

Humans innately understand the concept of comfort. Depending on where you are reading this, in a bright ventilated room with a nice view or a dark office without windows, what you are wearing and how stressful your day has been, you surely have an answer to the question, “Are you comfortable?”. Physical spaces can have meaningful effects on how we feel, how we interact with others, and how we perceive our experiences. Comfort in physical spaces encompasses different facets including thermal comfort, visual comfort, noise nuisance, as well as indoor air quality.