Economic Fire Design of Buildings

With my research time at Halsall I wish to contribute to a body knowledge that will assist with Halsall’s current needs and future directions. A review of relevant literature on methods and procedures for designing more economical, fire-resistant buildings would serve Halsall by providing them with a reference works with which their design engineers can use to make informed decisions in the choice of how their projects come to fruition.

Identification of organic disinfection byproduct precursors, Waterhen Water Treatment Plant

There are about 180 public water treatment plants in Manitoba relying on surface water with high organic content as their source of supply. Organic carbon in the water reacts with chlorine during water disinfection. This reaction forms carcinogenic compounds w hich pose a health risk for people consuming the water. The Waterhen water treatment plant is an example of typical Manitoba treatment plant that is suffering from high organic carbon resulting in high concentrations of these carcinogenic byproducts.

Revisit of Seismic Performance of the CN-Tower based on the New Building Code of Canada (NBCC 2005)


Toronto’s CN Tower is the world tallest freestanding tower structure. Built between 1973 and 1975, this giant communication and observation tower represents the extensive design process that lasted six years. The structural design of the Tower was one of the major challenges of design process.

Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emission for Chinese and Developing World Cities


Chinese cities are amongst the fasted growing cities in the world and they have per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rates that are similar to western cities. This research quantifies GHG emissions for the three Chinese city-provinces of Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. A computer model is then developed for projecting the future growth in Shanghai’s emissions under current policies and infracstructure plans.