Hydrogel Ionotronic Solar Cell

Solar power currently makes up a tiny fraction of all global energy needs. The current silicon based solar cell technologies which on average operate at around 15-17% efficiency have low likelihood of being a total fossil fuel replacement.

Analysis, design, and implementation of a recommendation engine to suggest charities

The goal of this research is to investigate and build a recommendation system that suggests charities to users based on their previous donations. One of the first successful recommendation systems was Amazon’s “Customers who bought this, also bought...”. This recommendation system focuses mainly on making it easier for users to find relevant information and increasing sales. The main challenge with this research is to investigate the differences between commercially implemented e-commerce recommendation systems and a recommendation system driven by altruistic goals.

Wearable Continuous Health Monitoring Device Capable of Early Detection of COVID-19 in Patients and Tracking Their Health Condition

Continuous monitoring of respiratory rate, blood oxygen level and body temperature is vital for early detection of COVID-19 among patients and monitoring their health condition. Early detection of COVID-19 is crucial for successful treatment of this deadly disease. Unfortunately, most of the COVID-19 patients do not indicate any serious symptom such as breathing problem in early stage of this disease. And by the time they do, they have alarmingly low oxygen levels and moderate-to-severe pneumonia which in many cases does not have any treatment and leads to death.

Asset Information Modelling for Non-Urban Environments (AIM-NUE)

In 2016, in partnership with The Ontario East Economic Development Commission (OEED), we started exploring the potential of AIM to represent and manage multi-dimensional graphic and semantic assets related to a geospatially large (40,000+km2), non-urban environment in Eastern Ontario. The area under study is comprised primarily of what Statistics Canada identifies as “rural and small town” (RST) census subdivisions with varying degrees of metropolitan influence.

Monitoring Vital Signs and Location for COVID-19 detection

COVID-19 has already infected more than 2.8 million people with close to 200 thousand death globally (as at 2020 April 25), while it is continuously spreading. Before a vaccine is discovered, the only way to slow down the spread and reduce the number of death is testing. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that someone recovered will not be infected again. It is necessary to keep monitoring COVID-19 patients and contact tracking. All patients currently tested positive for COVID-19 are sent home for self-confinement. Agents of public health call them on a daily basis by phone one by one.

Grid-Forming Techniques for Converter-Dominated Power Systems

Modern electric power systems are moving rapidly towards large-scale adoption of renewable energy resources. While this is immensely beneficial for sustainability and the environmental impact of energy systems, it challenges the ways we have developed to operate our continent-wide power systems. In particular we will face large frequency swings that come about as we replace conventional generators with renewable resources.

Artificial Intelligence in Mass Transit

Transportation systems are evolving towards intelligent transportation systems and ISR Transit is a leading provider of these systems providing solutions in fleet management. In these systems, one of the enabling technologies is wireless sensor networks in which sensors are used to obtain information about the fleets. For example, sensors are deployed on motor, brake modules, doors, emergency buttons and passenger stop request.

Towards quantum?encoded optical communications over existing fiber networks

Two fundamental pillars of communications/communications networks are trust and truth; in particular, we must ensure that the message (or data) that a sender wishes to transmit does indeed reach the intended receiver without being altered or eavesdropped by an unwanted party. This project focuses on demonstrating one concept of the quantum internet. The quantum internet is not based on quantum communications per se, but rather considers exploiting quantum principles for encoding and decoding data transmitted over existing fiber networks as a means for obtaining secure transmission.

A Wide Bandgap Based Step-up Power Converter With Enhanced Self-Reconfigurability for Medium Voltage Renewable Power Network

Wind and solar photovoltaic energy are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada, targeting to reach 10% of Canada’s total generation by 2040. Aligned with Canada’s energy transition, this research aims at developing a novel, highly efficient, compact, and reliable power electronics interfaces for high power renewable energy resources. The use of power electronics converters is an attractive solution to significantly reduce the weight and size of the step-up voltage conversion unit in today’s high power renewable energy systems.

Stand-alone Low-cost Millimeter-Wave/Terahertz Security Inspection Imaging System

The exponential growth of e-commerce in conjunction with threats pertaining to the drug trade, the online pharmacy, and terrorism are creating a significant need for inspection sites (i.e. postal processing centers) to upgrade and expand their capabilities. Therefore new solutions are needed.