Product Development of 65W Digital PD Adapter

USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) is a universal fast-charging protocol for powering cell phones, tablets and laptop computers with the same power supply. It has been promoted as the next generation of charging technology by industry leading companies such as Google and Apple. This all-in-one charging solution will allow customers to carry only one charger for all their portable devices. It is anticipated that PD adapter will gain an exponentially increase of market share of the whopping 1.7 billion shipment market in the coming few years.

In-clinic wearable sensors for total knee replacement recovery analysis

Total knee replacement is the only viable solution for end-stage knee osteoarthritis causing pain and impairment for millions of people. Commonality of the surgery is increasing with an aging population and is being performed on younger patients due to improvements in implant longevity but a high self-reported dissatisfaction rate of up to 20% persists. Dissatisfied patients require more recovery resources, straining an already burdened healthcare system, and preventing allocation of resources new patients.

Portable Colorectal Screening Colorimetric Metabolite Biosensor

This project involves designing a portable biosensor that measures the concentration of multiple metabolites in a person’s urine. The device measures the colour of the urine after reacting with the developed reactions to get metabolite concentrations. These concentrations are input to an algorithm to get a diagnosis. The first test will screen for colorectal cancer. Tricca Technologies Inc. will use this technology to make metabolomic diagnosis affordable and accessible to everyone and this project is the first step.

An automated system to identify and extract key structural components in academic written texts or genres

To streamline knowledge acquisition, indexing, dissemination, and synthesis—especially important to the future of libraries—a fundamental understanding of knowledge storage and communication is required. In a textual body of knowledge, relevant qualities include layout and structure; headings, chapters, sections, and paragraphs; figures, tables, lists, captions, and illustrations; authorship information and references; and, most importantly, the relationship between these semantic components.

UV Mapping Assistance through Deep Learning

The goal is to create a conversation loop between 3D designers and artificial intelligence programs. This will help the AI provide suggestions to the designer, while the designer provides the AI with feedback. This can help make it easier for designing complicated objects as well as complicated textures that belong to the surface of 3D objects. Through this interaction, the hope that AI can extend the utility of design software.

Joule M&V AI

Buildings have a high share of energy consumption in Canada. Real-time monitoring and analysis of energy use data can assist in improving the performance of the building and help reduce operating costs, lower utility bills, increase equipment life, improve occupants’ comfort, and increase retention and leasing rates; all while lowering carbon emissions.

Photodynamic Therapy for Annihilating COVID-19 Virus

There is a paramount need to treat symptoms, find cures, and reduce/contain the virus’s continuous spread due to the global pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The most life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19 result in severe respiratory failure due to pneumonia complications. While antiviral treatments and vaccines are under development globally, patients in critical condition cannot wait. It usually takes one to two years to develop vaccines, and cases continue to present with severe complications requiring immediate, life-saving intervention in the meantime.

WiFi-based Driving Activity Recognition in Vehicles

With the increasing requirements for smart vehicles in recent years, driving activity recognition in vehicles becomes a promising direction given its unique advantages in safe driving and human-car interaction. It can not only alert the driver when there exist distracted driving behaviors but also enable novel human-car interactions with gesture-based control. Most state-of-the-art systems use camera-based approaches for activity recognition, which highly rely on enough visible light and have a high risk of user privacy leakage.

Project #160018b: Automated and Connected Electric Vehicle Integration- Detection of Trojan Hardware by Using Machine Learning

Electronic systems have advanced to the point that our daily activities depend on them and we trust the Integrated Circuits (IC) within the electronic devices to perform their required operation. Due to current manufacturing trends, ICs are outsourced to third parties, and may cause the integrity of the IC to be compromised. Systems that rely on ICs are then open to attacks; hardware and internal structure of the ICs can be modified, without the knowledge of the designer.

Research on Wideband Tunable Semiconductor Laser

Wavelength tunable lasers are indispensable in future wavelength division multiplexing networks which can improve the communication capacity significantly. The objective of this project is to develop wavelength tunable semiconductor lasers with an ultra-wideband. By exploiting wave manipulation method, we will target the physical realization of such a device with high fabrication yield and high reliability.