Secure remote Web Proxy without the use of VPN

The aim of project is to establish a secure remote proxy connection between two parties where one party is behind a firewall or say NAT. This strategy is required in Martello’s product, MarWatch where technician is remotely located from client. In case, client faces any trouble, services from technician are invoked making sure they do not have access beyond control panels, etc. Intern has proposed alliance of WebRTC and JSEP (Javascript Session Establishment Protocol) protocol keeping in mind the framework and nature of testing unit (JUnit) used at Martello Technologies.

Fluorescence Image Enhancement for Digital Pathology (DP) Scanners

Fluorescence imaging is a powerful technique to focus and acquire high-resolution pathology images that contain rich sources of information that is useful for diagnostics in clinical trials to study possible disease such as cancer glands and tumors. Despite the high definition images, the collected images are severely contaminated with noise artifacts which make most feature detection algorithms susceptible to such degradations. Besides, due to over-sized problem, a computational efficient algorithm is needed to process such data.

Xahive Expansion Project

The XAHIVE mandate is to improve the privacy and security of communication between professionals. At XAHIVE, Carleton students will be researching a differentiator in communication encryption and decryption coupled with a significant increase the convenience while retaining all levels of existing functionality. Additionally, students will be researching methods and processes to convert XAHIVE into an extensible platform that can be integrated into existing solutions and to enable the development of new solutions by third parties.

Time-aware Network Diffusion for Social Network Analytics

Nowadays, social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, become platforms where ideas and opinions are constantly exchanged and rapidly reach populations that are geographically dispersed. Many marketing, political, and social campaigns rely on this fact to spread ideas, raise awareness in a massive way, and increase the popularity of products and services. Successful campaigns are those that spread information over large fractions of the population as fast as possible, usually within specific deadlines that are required.

Porting Virtual Machine for running on Blackberry and Android Environments

The purpose of this contract is to port SageTea’s Alpha Version of its Virtual Machine for QNX to Android. The Virtual Machine contains approximately 30,000 lines of C Code and has an existing QNX compiling environment. It is able to run Smalltalk (to a limited degree) and is used for running SageTea on Smart Phones. This job is a port of the code from QNX to Android and bring both to a level of readiness to run beta trials on both QNX and Android. We are interested to know if this project can be delivered as installable “services” that can hide the VM model completely.

Development of court booking module and algorithm

OrbitHub is a web/mobile platform that helps its clients coordinate activities more efficiently and maximize the utilization of their resources and time. In addition to being a global social network, OrbitHub also offers tournament, league and ladder management functionality, as well as registrations, payments, rankings, court booking and more.

Methods for detecting Hardware Blu-ray player emulation, debugging or instrumentation

Blu-Ray Disk Framework offers content protection system which is intended to protect audio/video media against piracy. The Blu-Ray Content Protection System consists of three individually working components: Advance Access Control System, ROM-Mark and BD+. Each component works collaboratively with the other in order to protect high-definition content distributed on Blu-Ray discs.

IoT/M2M Network Capacity Planning Analytics

The Internet of Things is gaining popularity and it will enable the development of new applications that will be useful to businesses in almost any industry and in society. It is expected that more than 50 billion IoT devices will communicate via telecoms networks and will send an enormous amount of data. One major challenge to the successful deployment of this large and heterogeneous network is the problem of capacity planning. An in-depth knowledge of IoT traffic characteristics is necessary to optimize the capital expenditure (CAPEX) but no work has been done so far in this area.

Power Flow control in HVDC Grid and its effect on the underlying AC power system stability.

HVdc is the preferred approach for transmission of bulk power into existing AC network from point to point and from remote generation resources because of technical advantages, including low transmission losses. Integration of HVdc grid with existing AC grid provides considerable economic benefits while throwing up challenges for effective control of both the grids at the same time.

Design of a self-adapting project management application

To be more competitive in the market, many companies are trying to speed up the quotation process and quote more attractive prices and have identified a need for support in the quotation process in order to reduce the quotation lead-time and ensure a higher level of accuracy in the cost estimations. In the case of CIENA, a first investment has been made for an automated price quotation system with respect to the equipment/products that are sold by the company (currently under development).